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HEMPSTEAD, Texas (AP) — Texas authorities on Monday released a three-hour video taken from outside a jail cell where an Illinois woman arrested during a traffic stop was found dead.

The video from a motion-operated camera shows there was no activity for 90 minutes in the hallway leading to the cell where authorities say 28-year-old Sandra Bland was found hanged on July 13, three days after her arrest.

Authorities also said dashcam video of Bland’s arrest is expected to be released Tuesday. Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis said Monday the video is consistent with information the officer has provided about the traffic stop. The Texas Department of Public Safety has said Bland was arrested after she allegedly kicked an officer.

But Mathis cautioned that the dashcam video shows only restricted views of the stop in Prairie View, Texas.

The Chicago-area black woman’s death at the Waller County jail in Hempstead, about 60 miles northwest of Houston, comes amid increased national scrutiny of police after a series of high-profile cases in which blacks have been killed by officers. The FBI and the Texas Rangers are investigating.

“This investigation is still being treated just as it would be a murder investigation,” Mathis said.

Bland’s death been ruled a suicide by the Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office, a finding that supporters and relatives dispute. Bland’s family and others have called for a Justice Department probe and an independent autopsy.

“This was not a case of suicide, but homicide,” Rev. Jamal Bryant, of the Empowerment Temple AME Church of Baltimore, said earlier Monday. He said he was in Hempstead at the Bland family’s request.

DPS has said the trooper who stopped Bland violated traffic stop procedures and the department’s courtesy policy, but hasn’t elaborated further. The trooper is on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

Bland may have been trying to text or email in the moments after she was pulled over for an improper lane change, Mathis said Monday.

“Sandra Bland was very combative,” the district attorney said. “It was not a model traffic stop … and it was not a model person that was stopped on a traffic stop. I think the public can make its own determinations as to the behaviors that are seen in the video.”

The video from the jail released Monday shows no activity in the hallway leading to Bland’s cell for about 90 minutes until an officer goes to check on her.

It shows a deputy reacting to what she sees while looking in the cell, triggering a frenzy of activity involving other deputies. An EMT crew arrives with a wheeled stretcher. The video does not show the inside of her cell or even her cell door. Deputies and medical personnel are seen coming and going, but a body isn’t visible.

Capt. Brian Cantrell, head of the sheriff’s department criminal investigation division, said the video was motion sensitive, indicating if nothing is taking place after a certain amount of time, it turns off. He said the FBI has been given hard drives to determine if there’s been any manipulation.

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14 thoughts on “Texas Authorities Release Three-Hour Video Of Sandra Bland’s Cell

  1. We will never know the real truth only the FATHER OF TH MOST HIGH KNOWS. We as a lost tribe should repent of all our sins and be in a righteous spirit, then Our FATHER WILL PUT THE ENEMEY UNDER OUR FEET WHETHER YOU HEBREW.OR GENTILE.

  2. Police procedures should be the last thing talked about , why was she in jail all weekend , why didn’t she have the 500 bail money. Why did a college friend have to get the bail money for her. The family knew where she was, there is no way my brother or sister would stay in jail for 3 days without me going there myself with the money if needed. She already said she was depressed , obviously she had no money and its clear her family was not the type of family that was proactive in getting her out of jail. I watch her vids and she was very angry about the police and the state of black America. Nobody in their right mind believes that she was cooperative with the police , that being said I don’t believe she should have been arrested , but everyone is ignoring obvious facts about her , she has had her license suspended more than a few times and she was due to have it suspended again at the end of the month, that says a lot. Black America needs to wake up , playing victim is not working anymore , amazing we are in the middle of genocide and we still blaming white people. I wonder are white people there while these kids are on their backs having back to back babies , we know what the problem is. I bring that up because soon it’s going to be # sanda something about the police, we as blacks will be right there giving cover for the family , who couldn’t afford 500 bucks for bail but they have a dishonest lawyer. I seen them on TV , they wouldn’t even answer questions , I wonder why not , if something happen to one of my family members and I knew that they were 100% legit , I would be screaming at the top of my lungs with confidence. The family knows that women had issues and instead of being honest they let the lawyer talk and they don’t say anything , that tells you now they are in money phase and not concern with the truth.

  3. demp109 on said:

    With all due respect, Rev. Jamal Bryant needs to work on helping Baltimore and not becoming another Sharpton or Jackson.

  4. African American Woman on said:

    MD Vet Mom, that will never happen, because to have an honest conversation about black on black crime would necessitate having a conversation about accountability, responsibility, personal, and parental failure and, you know, that won’t happen! That takes out the “poor victim me” dynamic that too many of us love. I find it sickening. If there’s a new “racist white man is holding me down” bandwagon, there’s a waiting list of perpetual victims waiting to jump on! I find it increasingly embarrassing.

    • demp109 on said:

      Sad but true. There has never been a Black Lives Matter protest on the south side of Chicago. They are twitter and camera ready protesters. If they really believed black lives matter……

      • Church Girl on said:

        Ummmm you can usually find some sort of rally or march concerning black lives on the south side. That’s my neighborhood. Churches and other community organizations have been holding them for years.

  5. American Black Woman on said:

    It’s time to take a stance. Don’t wait on anything. Stay on their butts until you get the truth. This was totally unnecessary. The Struggle is Real for Black men and women, as well as, the hate is for Black Americans by some whites.

  6. MD Vet Mom on said:

    No how about we give black on black crime THE SAME PASSION WE GIVE CHASING WHITE POLICE?????????? WHy didn’t the family bail her out since they loved her so much? Why don’t they admit they ignored this drama queen because they were tired of her shigady now like all the other families of criminals and do nothings they will end up rich!!! I was arrested at Ohio State and while my student athlete had the funds to bail me out (I was released no bail) I watched women all night on the phones begging their families to bail them out. I bet these families were broke and tired of dealing with drama queens like Bland!! Oh by the way I obeyed the Columbus OH police who kept apologizing for having to arrest me. I HATED being in that filthy jail over the weekend but my daughter begged me to keep my “angry black woman” in check because we had the funds to get everything dropped which lawyer did. Even NICE black judge said “Ifsher buckeye student athlete in the courtroom?” Yes ,my record holder and student athlete friends showed up to support me. Coach called to check on me.See people if we know we’re innocent WHY ACT LIKE FOOLS WITH POLICE???? Now can we march and protest against the black teen girls dying in black on black crime???????????????????????????????????

  7. African American Woman on said:

    Please get off it people and stop jumping to conclusions. Perhaps she did commit suicide, who knows, but why don’t we wait until the investigation is over before we go crazy. We are so ready for something to happen, I don’t think many of us could say what that is, but we keep jumping like the house is on fire. It makes us look like a bunch of disorganized, violent and impulsive mob who has no regard for order or decorum- and that’s just to other black people!

    • I agree, no one here knows all of the details. I am interested in knowing exactly what happened when she was stopped. Did the cops go by the book? Just because she may have been depressed and had lost her drivers license does not make her a career criminal. Also every family does not have $500 just sitting around waiting to be spent, maybe they were collecting the funds. Hopefully the truth will come out and her family can get some sort of peace.

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