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It took ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams to change Whoopi Goldberg’s mind regarding her defense of Bill Cosby.

“I gotta say, all of the information that’s out there kinda points to guilt,” Whoopi said this morning, after months of being slammed for refusing to believe rape and drugging allegations against the actor – even after newly-unsealed court documents showed that Cosby admitted in 2005 to procuring Quaaludes to give to women with whom he wanted to have sex.

Whoopi was under the impression that the dozens of accusers could take Cosby to court if they were really telling the truth about their allegations. The co-host invited Abrams on to explain that the “statute of limitations” in rape cases prevent these women from doing so.

“I have been taking a lot of heat for various reasons,” Whoopi acknowledged this morning, welcoming Abrams to “The View,” “to help me understand a lot of what’s going on.”

Abrams explained that the statute of limitations has expired on both civil and criminal suits against Cosby that might have been filed by the list of accusers. “Now, effectively, nothing can be done” in courts, he said, calling it a “legal technicality.”

“That’s a shock to me,” Whoopi said, adding, “You’re saying all that is left to these women is the court of public opinion.”

Abrams noted the women who have come forward “together…make a much more compelling case,” adding, “It is impossible to ignore the consistency of these stories” and that, “as practical matter, the remedy against Bill Cosby is the court of public opinion. It’s the pressure; it’s the pulling of his TV shows, it’s the ridicule.”

Whoopi suggested it might be counterproductive to pull the show because it affects the royalty checks of other actors, “and some of them may not be able to make a living.” But, she quickly added, addressing viewers, “PLEASE don’t’ take this the wrong way. I’m thinking about the other actors.”

As of today, Whoopi’s position is this: “There is no recourse for these women except what they are doing. If this is to be tried in the court of public opinion I gotta say, all of the information that’s out there kinda points to guilt. Now, again, I always thought they would have the opportunity to take him to court, but [Abrams is] saying that’s not true.”

“You got a serial rapist, he’s been on the streets for 30 years,” Whoopi said. “I thought, ‘Here’s all the information. Take his ass to jail.’ I find out from you that that’s not possible…So, I can’t say any more ‘innocent until proven guilty’.”

Addressing Cosby, Whoopi concluded, “It looks bad, Bill. Either speak up or shut up, cause people know now there’s a lot more out there than they thought.”

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