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Tony Dungy declined to comment when offered an opportunity to respond to Jason Collins’ suggestion that he’s homophobic.

Last summer, NBC analyst and former Indianapolis Colts coach Dungy said he would not have drafted Michael Sam, the first openly gay NFL draftee.

“Not because I don’t believe Michael Sam should have a chance to play,” Dungy told the Tampa Tribune, “but I wouldn’t want to deal with all of it.”

That comment still makes Collins feel a certain way. The former Nets center spoke to USA TODAY Sports for a story about a new international study on homophobia in sports.

“If you were to ask Tony Dungy if he feels like homophobia is in his level of thinking or if he’s homophobic, he’d say no,” Collins said. “Well, if you were to ask Donald Sterling if he sees how his comments are racist, he said no, too. Some people don’t recognize their own racism, homophobia. His awareness, and people like him, are the problem.”

Sam came out as gay prior to the 2014 NFL draft while Collins came out in May 2013 and became the first openly gay man to play in the NBA after signing with Brooklyn.

Collins said when he joined the Brooklyn Nets and played in the NBA for the first time since coming out “there was this myth that I’d be a distraction,” but that “after two weeks, it was back to business as usual. There are only so many times you can write the story about the gay teammate.”

According to the survey by Out on the Fields, 84 percent of gay men and 82 percent of gay women heard homophobic language in the locker room. Nearly 9,500 people — 26 percent of them straight — were questioned in the six-country poll.

When Jason was in the closet, and in NBA locker rooms, he often heard the sort of gay slurs that would be a firing offense at most companies.

“I remember, each time I heard it, thinking to myself, ‘If I were to come out, this person would reject me,’ ” Collins tells USA TODAY Sports, “because they were using it so freely and casually.”

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15 thoughts on “Is Tony Dungy Homophobic? Jason Collins Thinks So

  1. charles on said:

    Because of my religious upbringings I do not agree with the LGBT views. However, God made and love all of us. So therefore have to also love the LGBT community. But a lot of time when one expresses ones religious views one is so quickly labeled homophobic or “gay bashing”. Thanks for letting me express my views. May God bless all of us and America.–Charles

  2. And per the usual, the SAME group of folks (religious extremists) who’ve spent so much time demonizing, belittling, and denying rights to homosexuals are now attempting to paint themselves as ‘victims’ because homosexuals are tired of being attacked. If you hate homosexuals, don’t want to be associated with homosexuals, think ignorantly ridiculous things about all homosexuals, then guess what? You’re a BIGOT and a HOMOPHOBE. Deal with it.

    You’re not different than the bigoted whites I deal with who constantly claim how NOT racist they are, then they immediately launch into a racist tirade about how blacks are lazy, uncivilized, rapists, animals, etc.

    There is NOTHING “wrong” with being homosexual…you are free to BELIEVE there is, but there isn’t. You don’t understand how people of the same gender can be sexually attracted to one another because YOU AREN’T HOMOSEXUAL!

  3. sophia on said:

    Homosexuals could be put down quite plausibly as the most detestable group ever heard of. They cry out for privacy in the bedroom and then publicly announce their sexuality, demand tolerance but deny others the very same virtue, they claim to be nothing more than innocent victims but victimize anyone with a dissenting opinion, claim that they only want equal treatment, but in reality they constantly crave negative attention and demand a celebration of their lifestyle, they wallow in vanity and pride, insist that “tolerance” and “acceptance” are synonymous words, and their claims that the “homosexual” family is on par with the “heterosexual” family is mainly a form of display. I find them petulant, compulsive, militant, and obsessed with their own sexuality; they make their sexuality their personality!!!

  4. drecaz on said:

    Can’t you so-called “Christians” think for yourselves. Racists have the right to whatever they believe, also. Christians, racists, homophobes, what ignorant groups of people “GOD” made. By the way, Tony Dungy has always been a homophobe. He was one of the first to come out publicly against same-sex marriage. And he didn’t have anything flattering to say about Michael Sam.

    • “so called Christians”?? you don’t have to be of ANY religious affiliation to know that there is something wrong with people who are attracted to the same sex. Just someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they hate you. so tired of the same rhetoric over and over…

  5. Uncle G on said:

    “Homophobic” is one of those “manipulating” words that tries to control other people attitudes
    or behaviors. People simply have the right to avoid the kinds of people they don’t care for. Do
    Klansmen want to hang out with Civil Rights activists? Do grandmothers hang-out with rappers?
    I could call someone a “Rapper-phobic” or “Grandmother-phobic” just to make them change
    Their thinking and behavior. The simple fact is that quite a number of people have no interest in
    associating with people who are attracted to the same sex. As a heterosexual male, I have never
    in my life associated with gay males. I have nothing in common and I do not relate to their
    lifestyles. They simply are not my kind of people.

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