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America may not be rushing to watch Extant in significant numbers, but you couldn’t tell it from Halle Berry’s appearance at Comic-Con last week.

Fans screamed and squealed over the show’s star and executive producer, who along with her co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan and co-producers braved the sea of sci-fi devotees to promote the series, which underwent a retooling for its second season.

“We knew that we needed somewhat of a reboot, we needed a new direction. I was lucky that I got to be a part of deciding that,” Berry said during the show’s panel in San Diego. Hugging Morgan, she added, “I got to be a part of bringing this talented, sexy, hunk-of-a-man on our show.”

Berry also was involved in the casting of a new robot badass played by Kiersey Clemons (pictured) “a young, beautiful African-American actress who is just dope. She’s dope,” Halle gushed. “So, I like having some creative involvement, not just being the dancing bear. I think that’s in my future, having a bit more control.”

Below, Berry says transitioning from a feature film schedule to the more regimented TV grind has not been as pleasant for her:

Extant airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on CBS.

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