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After years of being marginalized by the professional makeup artists–and the fashion industry at large–Sudanese model Nykhor Paul let the Internet know how she really feels.

When it’s your job to have a fully stocked makeup kit, there is no excuse for any makeup artist to ask their darker customers to bring in their own cosmetics. That’s like bringing your own food to the restaurant because the chef hasn’t bothered to prepare the ingredients for whatever menu item a customer may want. It’s ridiculous and unacceptable.

Nykhor was even gracious enough to offer the name of a few brands that they could use to round out their palette. But for all the makeup artists sleeping on brands like Black Opal and Iman Cosmetics, here’s a list of more mainstream lines that offer a wide range of shades from light bright to deep, rich brown.

You can find these in department stores, Ulta and Sephora. No excuses!


It took Lancôme waaay to long to get a Black brand ambassador, but they made a slam dunk by hiring Lupita Nyong’o. As such, you already that the cosmetic company has something for women of every skin tone. For brown girls in particular, we can get makeup from then in anything from Bisque 8N to Suede 560.


The brand famous for its powdery foundation has expanded into liquid foundation, and they’re not leaving any potential customers out. With shades ranging from Bare Porcelein to Bare Mocha, professionals should have no problem finding the right shade for most any model they need to paint with bareMinerals. Get into their Complexion Rescue in particular!


The first thing you might notice about tarte is their super-cute, nature-inspired packaging. But if you ever bother to open up the products you’ll see some amazing cosmetics in all types of tones from fair beige to rich honey.


Failing access to more high-end brands, makeup artist can always get their hands on some Covergirl, and that brand has Black women completely covered with the Queen Collection. Thanks Queen Latifah!


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12 thoughts on “4 Makeup Brands Getting It Right For Brown Girls

  1. Amber,
    You rock big time!

    I used to wear makeup all the time but I had such a hard time matching it with my skin color. By the time the makeup would set, I would notice a line of where the makeup was and the end of or under my face area. I looked a hot mess. I had a terrible time trying to match my skin color and I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to the store and came home with two different colors. However, I must say that the last time was not so bad as I was able to use one in the winter and one in the summer. It was Loreal but I will try the others to see if I get a better match. (I am sure the Loreal is old now, as I have not worn anything for awhile.)
    Oh then there are times when the makeup is just as you said; oily but I would do like most people and blotch it with kleenex tissue or paper towel.
    I hardly ever wore both the liquid foundation and powder to set it, but I suppose that makes sense.

    Thanks for the tips!

  2. Lourie on said:

    I have NO idea why someone recommend Fashion Fair! Although it’s for black women they forgot to so something regarding the oil. When you open the foundation compact there is a pool of oil sitting on top. I have litteral had to use a tissue to soak the oil up before using it. I think it cost too much to come with a container of oil!!

    • Amber on said:

      Lourie, most makeup does that when they are sitting up and are compact makeup. Fashion Fair is a great brand. The thing is when it comes to women of color is picking the RIGHT shade. If you do not like Fashion fair creme makeup , use the stick makeup. I love the creme to powder makeup but with all creme to powder makeup, you have to know what you are doing. Too often, some women get too much and put it on their face when you should only touch a little bit and put on and add as you blend your makeup in. I know a lady who thought fashion fair was too red on her skin. She always picked bronze glo and I told her she needed brown blaze glo. It worked for her. And you have to pick a good loose power to go on top to make it set.

    • Amber on said:

      Also Lourie, here is a trick if you see makeup with oil like that on top. Before you put on your foundation, do NOT put on a moisturizer, use the oil (if it is a lot) on your skin to be your moister. Put on small amount and add as much as you need to get the coverage of the oil and the oil is dried into you skin (do it on a just washed face and let it oil air dry), now add your foundation (small amounts a time or you will have mess); once you have your full coverage, add, your face power (loose power or compact depending on what you use to set your foundation) and you are all set. Another secret, USE bathroom toliet set paper (yes I said it) to touch you face when your face sweat or get oily during the day. This way you will NOt wipe your make up off and the paper will take the oil out without removing too much makeup like tissue.

      • Amber on said:

        I mean to say Toilet seat paper the one where you use to line the toilet with before you sit. That is the same texture of paper that is use to blotch up makeup that comes in a pack. Save your money. Get this paper when you go to a bathroom (smile) and tear it up into pieces.

    • I did not know Queen Latifah had her own line of cosmetics. (I am looking at it now.)
      I too have trouble with makeup smearing on my clothes.

    • Amber on said:

      The thing about nontransferable makeup is it can make your skin too dry. The key to this kind of makeup as I said in past is to take with you toilet seat cover paper to blotch your skin during the day. Most Black skin produce a nature oil (that is what help with the saying “black do not crack” along with our skin pigment (melaine) that makes black skin look youthful. So that oil and moisture is important to have to a point).

  3. Amber on said:

    Iman has a great brand. Also Floral Roberts can be brought online. Fashion fair is still my overall favorite when it comes to foundation and Mary Kay. Black Opal is also great.

    • Amber, I am glad someone replied to this article.

      I am always trying to find the right makeup to match my skin! I have tried Opal but it was too oily; my skin is already oily. I do not recall if I have tried Iman so I will see if it works. I have never heard of Floral Roberts so I will be Googling it right away. I remember the name Fashion Fair but I do not recall trying it.

      Anyway, thanks for making a comment, as I now have some good ideas!

      • Amber on said:

        Black Opal have some of the best eye shadows and lip glosses. Iman is like a department store makeup sold in Walmart, Walgreen now. I love Iman’s second to none face power (Earth 2 or 3). I put a little of my fashion fair stick makeup (this is one of the best makeup fashion fair has. A little costly ( $28) but worth it. It only takes a little bit to get a great coveage) and then I carry Iman second to none powder (Earth 2 or 3) to do touch up during the day.

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