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Roland Martin talks to Monique Pressley, a D.C. lawyer about the fallout surrounding Bill Cosby since reports were made public that he admitted to using drugs to have sex with young women in 2005.

“I’m not sure what the women are expecting. It doesn’t really move the ball that much. What he said 40 years ago does not really assist these women with their current circumstances,” Pressley said.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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9 thoughts on “D.C. Lawyer Says New Information About Bill Cosby Won’t Likely Move The Ball Much

  1. Jaclyn P on said:

    Gosh, let’s just string him up to the tree like they did in those old classic western TV shows where no one cared if you were innocent. You didn’t get a trial.. Let’s throw stones at everyone and not give them their day in court. Who cares about the court system? We’re all judge and jury and if we make a mistake and kill the wrong one who cares if we’re all f-king idiots. Let’s not forget the most pertinent fact in that deposition. The women knowingly and willingly accepted the drug from Bill and they testified that’s what happened when they were with Bill. . They could have said no I don’t want that ^^$# and left him alone. Instead they took it but the media keeps leaving that out because ratings are better if you only shared a part of the story to make it seem more damaging and compelling.

  2. I agree with Barb.
    These women were looking for $$$$. They crossed the line with a married man, who they knew was married.

    • As a married man, what line did Cosby cross? This is exactly why there are so many no good, unfaithful men, because, so many women give these no good bums a pass. If Cosby had drugged their daughter, sister, mother, they would be looking for a big payout themselves.

      • I did not give BC a pass. I think Barb’s message said no respect for BC, and I can’t stand BC whenever he felt the need to make a point about morals he laid into BF as if WF are morally correct. He and all those women are Morally Bankrupt.

  3. Quaaludes was used as a knock out drug/date rape drug, that’s why it was banned. Quaaludes was never used to enhance a person’s sex life, my goodness, if someone have to use drugs to have sex, that doesn’t say much about their performance. Cosby, admitted under oath, that he drugged these woman, do people want to see video of the sexual assault before they believe it?

  4. You people keep falling for the ropey-dope! When will you stop it with this “group think”? This is clearly an attempt to assassinate the character of Bill Cosby without “proof”. With regard to the drugs, many people use/take drugs to enhance their sexual experience so how do any of you know that none or all of these women willingly took the drugs. Bottom line, he is not guilty until proven so.

  5. Barb on said:

    I have no respect for BC because of the comments he made about Black Families! I am no supporter of him. He’s a married man and the women knew it. So Y in the world would U go to his room or anywhere privately with him? They were willing participants with an agenda to get $$$$$. Typical WW behavior.

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