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Sherri Shepherd is happily a single woman once again. Her divorce from her second husband, Lamar Sally, was finalized yesterday and she says she was so happy she texted everyone she knows to let them know.

The two-time divorcee says that now that she’s again a free woman, she’s ready to put that past behind her. TJMS guest host Bill Bellamy, in for the vacationing J. Anthony Brown, jokes that when a woman gets a divorce, she goes back to the sexy panties again.

“No more grandma panties,” Shepherd laughs. She says that her marriage might be summed up by both parties responses when the judge asked if there was any hope for reconciliation in the courtroom.

“I was all articulate and was like ‘No, Your Honor, there’s not’ and they asked my husband and he was like, ‘Hell naw,’ and I was like ‘Good grief, really, was it that bad?’

Shepherd’s text came complete with details, including the terms of her settlement.

“I told everybody my settlement because when people ask me for money, I want them to know I don’t have any.  But its OK, I got my freedom,” Shepherd says. “They are about to garnish my Tom Joyner check. That’s gone. Matter fact, my lawyers are going to come to work with me to make sure they get their money.”

Shepherd, who has a son with her first husband, Jeffrey Tarpley, but says she’s still ”paying, paying, paying” but won’t discuss the details of any custody/visitation arrangements with either husband. (As of now, Shepherd’s second ex-husband has custody of the child born by surrogate.)

Now that she’s single, would Sherri do a Real Housewives show?

“They’ve asked but I ain’t there yet,” Sherri says.

Now that she’s single, maybe Sherri can take some lessons from Erykah Badu. Bill Bellamy says that Badu once walked up to him and asked for his number and he gave it to her without hesitation.

“I didn’t even think why,” says Bellamy. “I didn’t even know why. It was the way she said it. She put a little sexy on it and then she smelled like incense and I love incense. You can get your man to do anything, its how you talk to your man. You need to put some Jill Scott on that.”

As Bellamy has been married forever (he’s been married to wife Kristen since 2001) his advice might be valid.

“It’s a mutual grind. Relationships are hard. You don’t want to work out every day but when you work out, you feel good. It’s what you got to do, you got to do relationship workout.”

You gotta hear Bill Bellamy do a great Nene Leakes impression, so listen above to the entire interview.

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