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Rev. Al Sharpton talks about the new term “transracial” in light of Rachel Dolezal’s admission of identifying as black although she’s white.

“Rather than get into a debate, but people cannot become something their not just based o their life experiences. With our challenge in our time is not get sucked into a debate on if someone chooses to us,” Sharpton said.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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8 thoughts on “Is There Such A Thing As Transracial? Rev. Al Sharpton Weighs In

  1. You Know Who I Am on said:

    She reminds me of this White teacher I had that received”Black cred” from a few Black students and thought she could use the “n-word.” She got too comfortable. You can’t identify unless you live the struggle. I admire Asian culture but I can’t call my black @$$ Chinese. And don’t forget, as soon as the struggle has become too real for her she can go back White. I live this 24/7 and I refuse to bleach my skin and change my hair to escape it. To change who you were created to be is to say God made a mistake. I don’t worship that God and Al Sharpton don’t speak for me.

  2. absolute on said:

    Stacy Dash and a lot other black celebrity and non celebrity black people should learn from this woman, be proud of being a black person. I think this woman is a great example of being proud to be black!

    • MacBen on said:

      There’s only one problem: She’s not black! Mufuckas like you are where the word sell-out came from. You are so quick to give it up, not knowing that it is being taken at a detriment to yourself.

  3. absolute on said:

    There was and still are a lot of light complextion black people who claim to be white, naming one is Miriah Carey, and there were many before her and will always be many after. Why is it a problem for this woman posing as a black woman. There are a lot of white women dating and married to black men (some with children) who claim to be black.

    Finally somebody wants to be black, some black people don’t want to be black! I don’t have a problem with her posing as a black woman. So society accepts Bruce Jenner aka Caitlyn Jenner’s decision to be surgically transformed to a woman but refuse to accept this woman wanting to be black, that is soooo double standard!

    • demp109 on said:

      I repeat, she and Bruce Jenner are crazy. period. The media needs a “story”. Pundits need something to talk about; Vogue has a magaine to sell. The vogue photo of Bruce made me want to puke. A sixty five year old granddad with 3 ex-wives. Come on now. Sh***t. A nutty liar who is trying to insult all intelligence! Give me a break.

    • Mac Ben on said:

      Ditto. Next up mufuckas will self-identify as animals…or some pedophile will self-identify as a 12y/o in order to “play” with your kids. This madness needs to stop.

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