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Frank Ocean has definitely made a name for himself as a popular and critically-acclaimed music artist and for breaking down barriers as an openly gay black man in hip hop. But his father hasn’t been able to reap any benefits of his success.

According to, Ocean’s father, Calvin Cooksey, is living near the poverty line and has only one mean of surviving.

Last year, Cooksey filled a lawsuit for $142 million against Russell Simmons claiming he defamed his name by calling him a deadbeat dad on Simmons’ entertainment news website, Global Grind.

Ocean’s father claimed Simmons’s website falsely portrayed him as a deadbeat father when in reality he hadn’t seen Ocean since he was five because of his money-hungry mother.

Cooksey claimed he lost future income because of the accusations published on Global Grind that he said were untrue — filing suit for the damages caused.

Now he’s claiming in his latest filed documents that he is broke and living near the poverty line. He says he is so broke he can’t pay the court costs.

Cooksey wants the court to waiver the court costs for him since he is unemployed. He only receives a social security disability check of $789.66 a month. Currently, his rent takes away $550 of the check.

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(Photo Source: Frank Ocean Instagram)