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The American Civil Liberties Union has released an appalling video of California police confronting a pregnant Black woman.

Mandated body cameras captured officers in Barstow, California, slamming a woman named Charlena Michelle Cooks during a January incident where they were called to her daughter’s school.

Cooks, who was eight months pregnant at the time, was approached by police after speaking with school staff member following a “petty” argument in the parking lot. The staffer said that Cooks had been acting “crazy,” but the officer in the video cold be heard stating that he didn’t “see a crime that has been committed.” reports that while the cop didn’t ask for the employee’s name or identification, he did assure her that a police report on the incident would be filed. He then approached Cooks, who told him that the woman had scared her daughter, who was in the second grade.

“She called the police for whatever reason, I don’t know,” Cooks could be heard saying in the video. “Should I feel threatened by her because she’s white? Because she’s white and she’s making threats to me?”

When asked for her name and ID, she refuses to provide them because Cooks argues that she’s not obligated to divulge that information. At first, the officer said he’d give her two minutes to confirm that they are within their rights to demand the identification. However, the cop and one of his fellow officers tackle her to the ground belly-first about a minute later.

Cooks, placed in a wristlock, could then be heard screaming, “Please! I’m pregnant! Please stop this!” She was eventually placed in the police car while authorities went through her things to find her ID, but the altercation left her incredibly shaken.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been that terrified in my life,” Cooks told The Desert Dispatch. “I never saw that coming. I told him I was pregnant so he could proceed with caution. That didn’t happen, and the first thing I thought was ‘I didn’t want to fall to the ground.’ I felt the pressure on my stomach from falling, and I was calling for help. But those guys are supposed to help me. But who is supposed to help me when they are attacking me?”

The mother was charged with resisting arrest; a judge later dismissed the charges, but the Barstow Police Department maintains its position. According to the ACLU, Cooks was within her rights in refusing to identify herself to authorities.

“It would be a wrongful arrest, but it would be an arrest. … Even if an officer is conducting an investigation, in California, unlike some other states, he can’t just require a person to provide ID for no reason,” attorney Adrienna Wong said in a statement. “Officers in California should not be using the obstruction law, Penal Code 148, to arrest someone for failing to provide ID, when they can’t find any other reason to arrest them.”

Barstow police have insisted that the way the officers handled the situation was not racially motivated, but Cooks said she’s no longer comfortable in the town and that she’s been in “a fearful state of mind” ever since the incident. Thankfully she was able to carry her baby to term, but she is keeping a close eye on her newborn’s development.

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34 thoughts on “California Police Knock Pregnant Black Woman To The Ground [VIDEO]

  1. Albeq on said:

    They both were wrong; stop making this a Black/White issue. We have to start using our common sense and unite. Or else, there will be a future race and it would be neither Black nor White because they would had destroyed one another. Keep being ignorant and be over thrown.

  2. Michael Sullivan on said:

    I am in tears he didn’t give a dam about that lady being pregnant is it a crime not giving a police your name there wasn’t a crime committed ??? I pray that the black lady receive justice.

  3. absolute on said:

    Cop didn’t need her name, he had already said there was no crime committed. There was no incident report written so why did he need her name. We didn’t see in the video where he asked the blonde for her name. She should have just left, why call the police on somebody yelling and screaming at you, most people would leave to avoid a problem. She’s a teacher, that was poor judgement and doesn’t make her look good as an employee. Teachers get yelled at by parents all the the time, no big deal, she should have just drove off rather than argue with the parent of a 2nd grade student/pregnant woman.

  4. reflections on said:

    U.S. Police Have Shot Dead 385 People In Five Months: REPORT
    Posted: 05/31/2015 12:08 am EDT Updated: 05/31/2015 12:59 am EDT

  5. dewilliams30 on said:

    Not once did they read her her rights before they tried to arrest her and what is she being arrested for no laws were broken. She needs to get a lawyer. Whites do it all the time. I’ve seen many videos whereas they refuse to give their information and have no respect and one guy was carrying a gun. And he was not approached in this way. When are we going to wake up? It’s a difference how this society treats certain people and yet most of us rather walk blindly through the fof of the BS around us. I guess it’s better to have the yes masser no masser mentality than to keep fighting for others to own up to their faults we can only see our own. Smh sad.

    • The cops read people their rights after they arrest a person genius! And you are right, they do give certain people a hard time, the ones that give them attitude!

  6. Peter Faulkner on said:

    Why not give the officer your name? I believe this scene was “blown out of portion” simply because the white woman was treated with dignity and respect. We, the people need to respect authority every where. I’m not saying the officer was right, because even he knows that was dead azz wrong. Besides, that woman did not have to tell the officer that she was pregnant, Ray Charles can clearly see it. This world needs to realign rights and responsibilities.

  7. reflections on said:

    Even after the DOJ and the city have reached a settlement, the police union and the Faternal order of police have stated today they will not comply with the order. Police unions do not have to abide by the agreement they have a contract.

    Follow the money it is the Police union contracts with the city and the powerful Fraternal order of police who are responsible for violent racist predator police. No changes will occur unless the unions and fraternal order of police say so. They have a contract that currently states that police officer can not and will not be held accountable for the murder of unarmed African americans or the mentally ill it called “Qualified Immunity”. In order to stop police violence we must abolish the police unions or defund them in order to hold police officers accountable for breaking the law. Solutions

  8. Iforgot on said:

    Wow!!! The officer didn’t ask white woman for her name. I guess he felt it was okay since she said she work at the school. He also offered to help her with a claim if she had proof of who she had an encounter with. Officer gets upset and arrest Michelle because she didn’t give him her last name, Really!!!! He was bias!!! He handled that unprofessionally. Then to say Michelle was resisting an arrest…give me a break!!!! Very very sad!!!

    • aleta brown on said:

      @ question 2. About your comment that the cop didn’t ask the WW her name. He already had WW’s name from the call to police. Since it’s the WW who called police they always ask the name of the reporting person.

  9. ambientbake on said:

    IF only she had answered the cops question. What is wrong with these animals? It like they only know how to be violent, disrespectful, and uneducated.

    • They hate us white devils!I have said this a million times before, just boycott everything black. I have done it for years watch these black devils coming crawling back like snakes in the grasss

      • Peter Faulkner on said:

        Mr. Peter, you’re one reason “Prejudice” exist. You should be extinct like the dinosaurs. Hung by your balls & kissed by Our Beautiful First Lady, Michelle Obama.

  10. WTH?!!! Who the hell gets that damned irate about a cop simply asking for their name? What’s wrong with that? Why did she get so defensive and combative? Just for being asked her name? Not to search her car. Not to do a drunk test. Just her name. Even if she didn’t want to tell him her name, why not just think “I’m 8 months pregnant, I need to make sure my child is safe, so, I’ll just tell him my name, let him make a report and take care of this later”. But, had she done that, we wouldn’t get to see her mug plastered all over the internet, and she would miss her opportunity to stir the racial pot a little more. SMDH.

  11. specialt757 on said:

    “Even if an officer is conducting an investigation, in California, unlike some other states, he can’t just require a person to provide ID for no reason,” attorney Adrienna Wong said in a statement. “Officers in California should not be using the obstruction law, Penal Code 148, to arrest someone for failing to provide ID, when they can’t find any other reason to arrest them.”

  12. Terry on said:

    Why is it that Black people (my race)…are the only group of people who love to tell the police (or anyone in authority), what we “NOT GONNA DO”! And Black folks love being a curbside attorney…telling everyone what rights we have and what the letter of the law is…trying to hold court in the streets…with the police! I’ve never in my life had any incident escalate with someone in law enforcement, because I follow directions! This sh*t wasn’t racial…just another example of black people acting a fool & getting put in their place!

    The cop had every right to “identify” who she was, because the white woman called the police to report her behavior. Had she complied, this matter would have been dismissed and everyone would have been on their merry way. But as always, Black folks want to be argumentative…create an issue…and then when it escalates, want to be the first to start hollering how they’ve been mistreated. You can’t walk away from the police when they’re trying to question you…no matter what color your are!

    And all these comments that she was “body-slammed” is again an example of trying to create an issue. When the police handcuff anyone…it can be done while you’re standing, on your knees, or you on your stomach on the ground…that’s standard procedure anywhere. She was placed on the ground because she was fighting all attempts to be handcuffed. The scuffle we’re seeing is her moving around trying to get away…while the police were trying to hold her. If you don’t try to confront the police, you’ll never have to know what handcuffs feel like.

    If you have a problem with how the police are treating you…remember their name/badge number, complain to the precinct commander, or call a lawyer and file a lawsuit…AFTER they send you home and you’ve left the scene. All these videos we’ve seen over the last several years and people refuse to learn from other’s mistakes.

    • Guest on said:

      👍🏾 Simply asking why her name was needed would’ve informed her that he just wanted to make a report. He didn’t come at her wrong. This shhhh is embarrassing…. Save the race card for when it’s necessary.

    • Eunice on said:

      To Terry,

      You gave yourself away in saying you were black. Check your message and everyone will deduce in one paragraph why I say that you are NOT BLACK.. All of that bull that you are shooting just goes to show that a white person will try to act Black to get their point across but a TRUE BLACK can tell everytime because you will eventually give your self away.

  13. The pig lied. The Nazi cop didn’t tell her she was under arrest, so how could he charge her with resisting arrest? In Cal you do not have to give your name for a no good reason. Sence the pig could find a reason to arrest her he wanted to check her name to see if he could find a warrent of something to jail her.

  14. specialt757 on said:

    The next scene (same city) a black man was carrying the same AR15 riffle with his pregnant wife video the exchange. Can I tell you the scene was completely different? The cop rolled up, got out of his car, guns raised, ordered the guy on the ground, yelling at him to not move while point his gun. The black guy kept asking questions of the cop but he refused to answer. He yelled at his wife, while she was saying you’re being videoed, (both were saying that) which is why I believe he didn’t get shot in the first place. The black guy ask was his wife being detained the cop said yes. Two minutes or so went by, 4 or 5 other cops roll up, handcuff the guy, took the gun, pick up the guy off the ground still handcuff and proceeded to have a conversation. What’s wrong with that picture (in the two scenes)? Same gun, probably the same street, different cop tho.

    • jhuf on said:

      That white guy should take his videography doc to B-more and film the interactions
      Between the 38 and counting murder victims and the armed assailants who killed them
      Because I’m sure where he filmed the B&W AR15 vs Cops video they don’t come close to the
      War zone taking place in B-more

  15. specialt757 on said:

    I recently reviewed another video (not sure but I believe it took place somewhere in Oregon) a white guy was doing a “study” on how blacks are treated by police in his city. He (the white guy) walked down a regular street carrying an AR15 riffle of some sort strapped over his back/shoulder. An officer stopped him and ask him politely (I might add) why he was carrying a gun and ask him for ID. The white said, no I don’t have to show you my ID. This polite conversation these two were having sounded more like they knew each other and was asking about each other’ families. The guy didn’t get arrested or handcuffed. And he never showed the cops his ID.

      • Eunice on said:

        Your opinion. White cops are doing the reporting and arresting innocent Blacks and also MANY CRIMES are put on BLACKS that they did not commit so you can take that 12 percent of the population and committing 60 percent of violent crimes and cram it up your a$$ because people with Common Sense know better. And it will take a RACIST like you to say something like that.

  16. specialt757 on said:

    Alright MacBen, jhuf, Mrknownothingatall and all other racist troll, please explain what this woman did wrong? What crime did she commit. I’m waiting.

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