Jamie Foxx co-hosted the Tom Joyner Morning Show with the crew for two hours this morning!


His new album ‘Hollywood’ was released this week and he talked to Tom, Sybil, J. and Sherri Shepherd about everything from love and relationships, getting it on to his music, the advice he would give Bill Cosby, how wild his Hollywood parties are and much more!

Listen below:

6:04 AM

Jamie not being paid for ‘Blame It’:

“This hasn’t been paid out yet. So many people they said they wrote it. T-Pain had a part in it. It was a young writer they took it from somewhere.”

His wild Hollywood parties:

“I’ve always had Snoop, The Game, Selma Hayek and Suge Knight…the real Suge Knight at my parties.”

6:23 AM CST

His advice for Bill Cosby:

“The best thing is to not be anywhere. As a comedian, we’re like lions. We don’t censor ourselves. I would tell him to just chill right now.”

6:39 AM

From comedy to singing:

“I did comedy just to cut a demo. I went on stage as Eric Bishop (my real name), but I couldn’t get on. I was at the Improv in Santa Monica and I noticed that the girls were always getting on stage and not the guys. So I wrote down these unisex names – Stacey Brown and Jamie Foxx and he picked me.”

6:45 AM

Meeting an undiscovered Jay Z, Pharrell, Kanye West and letting a struggling Ed Sheeran sleep on his couch:

6:54 AM

Playing his music while he’s “working”:

“It’s kind of great. I can look in her eyes and tell this is the origin, this is where it comes from.”

7:19 AM

How he acts in a relationship:

“I’ve never stalked, but it was one of the situations where the love was hard and the fight was hard. I’m that dude. I feel it all. If you’re in love in my business, the best way to keep your relationship in tact is to not let anyone know.”

What’s he’s looking for in a woman:

“It’s changed. You’re looking for that girl that says, “I took your mom to so-so while you’re gone, I checked on your daughter…”

7:42 AM

On social media:

“I don’t think it’s anything in my world. People says that social media makes stars. I think you’re going to be a star regardless. If you’re not talented and you don’t have something to offer. If you do have something that’s good, they’ll big it up.”

7:57 AM

On meeting a “friend for life” in a guy named Woody:

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