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Kenya Moore won’t get the fairy tale ending she wanted with James, the boyfriend from Millionaire Matchmaker. As it turns out, James was keeping a secret of his own while dating the Real Housewives of Atlanta star, 44.

He’s married!

Kenya took to Instagram to air out his dirty laundry:


She was set up with her now-ex by Patti Stanger on the Bravo series back in March, and posted a photo via Instagram around the same time.

Vivica Fox, her long-time rival took to Twitter to throw a bit of shade, referencing their spats on Celebrity Apprentice.


Do you feel sorry for Kenya or is this karma?

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(Photo Source: Kenya Moore Instagram/AP)

36 thoughts on “Ouch! Kenya Moore Finds Out ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ Boyfriend Is Married, Vivica Fox Throws Shade

  1. Can’t blame this on Kenya., The man went on the show and into the service as a single, unattached man, knowing full well that wasn’t his intention. He wanted his 15 minutes of fame and he got it. And even though Ms Moore isn’t the most likeable person, even she didn’t deserve this.

  2. Nobody knows on said:

    karma I guess you got to know what that is… Stunt publicity or not SMH stop being so dirty to people and karma will leave you alone.

  3. I think the fake boyfriend was scripted.. but getting dogged for all of America to see.. probably wasnt in the script.. And K deserves everyting she gets in regards to Vivica.. .. .K was trying to be cute and funny on stupids DT’s show… now look.. Karma for her azz… She needed to be humbled.. and knocked down a few steps! Stop frontin.. and get a real man.. or sit down somewhere!!!

    • Tammy on said:

      Anyone who take the show Real Housewives of Atlanta or any show that has the words “real housewives” serious is stupid. IT IS SCRIPTED and these women are getting PAID to be trifling. These shows are like the new “wresling”. Fake but some folks think it is real. NOT.

  4. absolute on said:

    It’s not Karma. Patty should have known he was married, it’s her job to do a thorough background check not Kenya. Viv, get over it, that was a tv show and you should know better. Kenya is a very strong woman and most men can’t handle that, they want a maidservant not a woman/wife to be. Kenya and Claudette broke NeNe down on episode 3 of the reunion. The truth hurts.

    • specialt757 on said:

      “I met and fell in love with from Millionaire Matchmaker was married a week after the show aired.” He wasn’t married when Patti introduced them.

  5. Regina on said:

    I keep posting this on different sites. Let’s see if I can get an answer here. I read an article yesterday where Patti (matchmaker) said Kenya had a tick and that is why she can’t find a man. What is a tick? If it is real love it would not matter what she have.

  6. TheTruth on said:

    I agree with cam1cyle2, this is all scripted. Stop and think people. We’ve only seen one photo of them together. The same old photo with them in a restaurant with a piece of cake in front of them. Nothing really personal (at home, beach, etc) to really suggest they were really a couple. You would think after a few months of dating there would be more cute pictures. Nothing!!!

  7. psnthersdec on said:

    Excuse me vwbrown who said that when one gets in their 40’s they should be married. In the real world a lot of people who have been married for 20/30 years in their 40’s/50’s and sometimes 60’s are finding themselves single and dating again because they are DIVORCED.. I like Kenya comment and his wife is supposebly have someone and he is suppose to be the grand prize. He came on the show to be on television. Viv really and you on television wearing my niece’s short while you were trying to keep up with young 50. You crying on television when the guy you was engaged to “SLIM” dumped your behind. Kenya he was not worthy of you. Viv get over it the show Apprentice is a game and you play hard to win. If you are still sore about that you are a loser my dear.

    • I have always wondered the same thing about a lot of beautiful women that can not keep or get a good man. I think most men want real down to earth ladies, not the ones that put up a front everyday. Especially those that wake up every day to live that way as if their lives depended on it! I think most men think love is not their purpose of the relationship.

      • Joanne on said:

        Physically pretty yes, but come on. She, and the others, are on TV cussing, twerking, showing off, acting like hoodrats. What decent man want to take that home to their mama? Act like a lady (which one cannot do on those shows) and maybe she will get a decent man. Also, what’s up with chasing “millionaires.” A regular hardworking guy not good enough for her?

    • Because she’s a DINGBAT! No man wants a dingbat, let alone someone who is conceited, desperate, and phony. she puts on airs. men don’t want to work that hard to be with someone…or they’ll hit it and run. too much trouble.

      • Nail on the head, rubber on the road! Shopping for a rich husband is not a good look, never has been.

    • specialt757 on said:

      @ dajon0921
      Maybe women like Ms. Moore put their careers ahead of finding a good man early on in her life, like in their 20s. Now in their 40s, what they want most is hard to find. Most good men in their 40s are already taken, or have been used and abused and now feel they are just going to date and not get married. (This is in reference for beautiful (outward beauty) women in their 40s who have never been married)

      • You look up one day and you are 40 years old. The game is real I’m starting to feel a little sorry for women in this situation. Especially those that really wanted kids and a family. The struggle is real . .

  8. Linda on said:

    She should be used to being the “side piece” by now!!!!!

    Next time do your homework Ms. Kenya before you waste your time on another married man!!!!!

    • specialt757 on said:

      “and that’s the truth, Ruth” he is definitely no prize! Sounds like an opportunist and she (wifey) better keep an eye on him. Doesn’t sound like he is a good man at all.

    • specialt757 on said:

      What choice did she have really? She would have been publically humiliated had she not came out with this ahead of the gossip that is sure to follow.

  9. If this is real she is one dumb ass for not checking into this guy’s past before so called falling in love with him. She is way too old to be still out there dating old ass should have been found a man to settle down with. Then saying she wishes him well. Really? She is pathetic

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