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Making the decision not to wear a condom is like playing a game of Russian roulette: you never know when the bullet will hit you. Avoid the condom “cock blocking” at all cost! But I don’t like using a condom! I can’t feel it! I want to feel the REAL you! I go soft when I put on a condom! What you don’t trust me? I’m clean! These are just a few of the not so clever excuses one uses when it comes to condom aversion.

Stop it with the excuses and wrap it up! Would you rather find yourself explaining to a doctor why you have an itching, burning sensation with an icky drip coming from your penis, or perhaps why you have a foul-smelling discharge coming from your vagina? I think not!

In lieu of abstinence, condoms are the best protection we have against STIs! In order to be effective, condoms should be used consistently and correctly for anal, oral or vaginal sex.

Condoms should only be used with a water-based or silicone-based lubricant, as this helps to reduce friction and chances of the condom breaking. DO NOT use any oil-based lubricants such as: massage oils, vegetable oil, Vaseline, motor oil. The oil will break down a condom in less than 60 seconds and now you are putting yourself at risk.

Correct condom usage comes with separating fact from friction. Take heed to the facts below:

All men dont wear Magnums! Condoms come in all sizes, ranging from snuggies to extra large! There is no one size fits all, although one size fits most! Nevertheless, it’s still important to get the proper size for your manhood. The importance of wearing the proper size condom is essential to the level of protection. Wearing the wrong size condom can also increase the chance of breaking and slippage. If, for example, the condom is too large, it is more likely to slip off during intercourse. If the condom is too small, it can actually burst during intercourse. In either case, you’ve defeated your purpose for putting the condom on.

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