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Yes, that picture you saw of celebrity offspring Jaden Smith rocking a girl’s dress is real!

The 16-year-old rapper and actor was definitely making some commentary on the topic of identity and gender politics when he posted on Instagram #OOTD pictures of himself wearing a Topshop black and white striped dress. He also kept on wearing the frock throughout his Calabasas neighborhood.

In captioning one of his pictures, “Went To TopShop To Buy Some Girl Clothes, I Mean ‘Clothes’,” Smith joins the small group of male entertainers and celebrities that took it upon themselves to challenge the predetermined norms of what means to be or dress as male or female.


We’re not sure if he did some research prior to his bold move, but before him Dennis Rodman, David Bowie and plenty of rockers and the LGBT community have adopted deemed “feminine” or “girly” attributes to their everyday wardrobe or hygiene, bringing the concept of “cross-dressing” to the limelight. Remember the era of “guyliner“? And where do we still stand on guys borrowing our Chanel Black Satin nail polish? Today, there are cosmetics lines created for the niche of confident males who want to don a little rouge and gloss.

Undoubtedly, there’s also famed ’90s persona RuPaul, as his contributions to the blurring of gender politics gave further rose to the provocative art form that is the drag queen.


Naturally, Smith’s 1.8 followers on Instagram held their own virtual roundtable discussions about the kind of message he was was sending. Some supported his never announced, but always dependable unorthodox ways. Others questioned if it was he was executing male bravado blasphemy. Either way, this is the same kid that also challenged the notion of whether school and higher education were important stages of a young person growing up.

Most of us gave him side-eye for that one (easy for a Hollywood child to say), but his current stance on messing with the status quo or standard we can behind. Besides, we know how “cute” or acceptable it usually is when a girl dresses like a guy (“tomboy chic”), but a guy is labelled a “wuss” amongst other choice words if he chooses to wear a crop top. Men don’t get some kind of “homegirl trill” stamp of approval.

That weird double standard that attacks the male but also supports the idea of women as the “weaker sex”, was best exemplified in the intro of Madonna‘s 2000 track “What It Feels Like For A Girl.” The voiceover calmly stated:

Girls can wear jeans

And cut their hair short

Wear shirts and boots

‘Cause it’s OK to be a boy

But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading

‘Cause you think that being a girl is degrading

But secretly you’d love to know what it’s like

Wouldn’t you

What it feels like for a girl

Now we’re just going to look forward to the day Smith adorns a “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like” tee.

What do you think about Smith’s dress? Was it bold commentary or just a cry for attention?

(Photos: Jaden Smith IG)

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15 thoughts on “Jaden Smith Wore A Dress And Doesn’t Give A Damn What You Think About It

  1. o'mar on said:

    All 4 of them have serious issues I guezz if you in are Rich and live in Hollywood it doesn’t really matter let him come around the way and see wht happens.

  2. fred Sims on said:

    Men of other ethnic groups do not fear feminized men of any group. Black lives are being taken almost everyday to terrorize us and this fool for whom life has given him everything but sense is in a dress. hell just go dye your hair blobde while your at it.

  3. Will and Jada have had a reputation for being “FREAKAZOIDS” since day one. Before and after they met and married. It’s no surprise that the children they conceived together, turned out this way. They raised them to be bratty, arrogant, over-privileged and downright “STRANGE”! These so-called parents, as well as, the kids alike, are a huge disgrace to not only the Black Race, but the Human Race alone! From a Christian standpoint, I am quite certain The Lord Jesus Christ is not pleased with this behavior. This is not the proper way to raise children! We live in a world where there’s no such thing as morals and values anymore. Pretty much, anything and everything goes. Regardless of how wrong it is. Parents and Grandparents of this generation have no wisdom to share with the youth of today because they are so hell bent on trying not to get old, and being viewed as COOL! No wonder children are so disrespectful and lost these days! THEY ARE RAISING THEMSELVES!!! Celebrities like Will and Jada seem to think they get a free pass because they have FAME and FORTUNE! Whether or not they believe in Jesus Christ, he does exist and they will have to answer to Him. Not a statue, tree or whatever Scientologists like them worship and talk to! The Lord Jesus Christ is REAL and so is HELL!!! They’ll find out someday.

  4. Gaywrites on said:

    As soon as folks get a bunch of money they care less and less about the bounds of society. They care even less when they have their way with the opposite sex! WTF is anything? But I bet you 1 million dollars that if Jaden’s parents were only worth a combined 50k annually he would not be caught dead wearing that dress yet alone agreeing to allow someone to photograph him in one. I thought that he would have been wearing a Kilt. Wow! Now I’ll just have to say: thank god for social media….this ni#ga is NEVER going to live this down!!!

    • to Mark, if you do not follow black celeb children, why did you comment,Hello you had to read the article, furthermore why are you even on black america web?? lol Some people
      Anyway. who cares if Jaden wears a dress or Miley Cyrus twerks their in an entire different tax bracket which allows them to have a “finding yourself era” while the rest of us have to work


  5. IanRousseault on said:

    Law Enforcement should step in and remove these children who obviously are raising themselves! Sad and Tragic!

  6. Brandon on said:

    Will Smith is trying to compete for father of the year with Billy Ray Cyrus. Seriously their needs to be an award for worst parents ever.

  7. Mac Ben on said:

    This is what happens when: (a) male children are born to single mothers (b) children are born to freaks (c) there is no discipline or male role models in the house. Shame on Will and Jada for allowing this in their house. When this punk turns 18 then he can do what he wants..

    Sad state affairs for black folks these days, rich or poor.

  8. This is just a cry for attention. Call me when he is wearing the dress only and no leggings. It really just looks like a tunic that guys and girls wear. Tell this weirdo to have several seats.

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