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Anthony Anderson came to Ludacris‘ defense on Instagram against folks who blasted the rapper after hearing baby mama Tamika Fuller‘s side of child custody battle.

Here’s what Anderson had to say in defense of the rapper/actor:

“Why should Luda be ashamed of himself?! Do you know how hard it is for a father/man to get custody of a child from the woman/mother? We don’t know what the real story is and it’s none of our business what that story is! But know this, the same courts that determine how much child support a father should pay regardless of the relationship or time he has spent with the ex-wife or ex-lover or where that child should live and what the visitation arrangements should be has awarded custody of their daughter to Ludacris for reasons we’ll never know nor should we know because it’s THEIR business!

For this act to happen speaks volumes about both parties involved. I wish nothing but the best for the child and an amicable parenting relationship between the parents. Far too many fathers are not present in their children’s lives especially their daughters. I commend Ludacris for stepping up and bucking the system and standing up for what he believes is the best for his daughter cause he could’ve easily given in and wrote a check.

None of you know who this woman is so you can’t make judgments or assumptions about her. You know the public persona of Ludacris but not the private man Chris Bridges. I pray for the best for all involved. The courts have spoken and they know far more than any of us!”

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19 thoughts on “Anthony Anderson Defends Ludacris’ Fight for Custody of Daughter

  1. RENO2AC on said:

    Clarion09 said, “If Ludacris had been more selective about the caliber of woman he chose to have UNPROTECTED sex with this wouldn’t even be an issue now, would it? If he gets the benefit of the doubt after asking her to murder their unborn child then so does she.”

    Nothing else to say…throw the mic down!

  2. specialt757 on said:

    And your lack of support for this father who has been deemed, by the courts the best parent for the job speaks volumes about you. You’re entitled to your views on this subject as am I. No harm no foul.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    Now that Mr. Bridges has custody of his daughter, shouldn’t he be allowed to asked for and receive child support? People only see things one way, their way. Is it really so hard to believe that Mr. Bridges loves and only wants the best for his daughter? You all know the history of his baby’s mother but still refuse to believe she isn’t the best parent. Take off the blinders and see the entire picture. I’ve never read or seen anything pertaining to Luda not being a good father to his children. We don’t even know anything about him other than what we see in the movies and on TV. We’re not his judge or jury. The judge has spoken, he is the best parent hence, he was awarded primary custody.

    • You are right! All moms aren’t Claire Huxtable or Carole Brady! Sometimes the father is the best choice to be a role model and provide the kids with a stable home. Hopefully they can still co-parent successfully for the sake of the child.

    • Luda will not ask for child support just because he has custody…That is what is wrong…women thinking they now have to pay support. He can give her a check if he likes, BUT when he starts that the courts can come in and make it permanent till the child reaches 21. So you do not volunteer payments….People get mad if fathers do not spend extra on gifts during the holidays….But here in Alabama if you pay $200/week, as the judge and lawyer says..this is what they say it takes to raise a child in this state….extra money and gifts are just that gifts, as per law in alabama

      • specialt757 on said:

        In Luda’s case I’m pretty sure he didn’t ask for child support, the mother has nothing to give, she can barely take care of herself, and he is in a position he doesn’t need her money. But child support is for the support of “your” child no matter who has custody. Any man U.S.A who has legal custody of his child should be entitled to child support just like if it were the mother who had legal custody. Child support not limited to women only.

  4. Gina on said:

    He didn’t want the baby, now he does so he doesn’t have to pay child support. Where was he the first year? and why on earth wouldn’t he want shared visitation if he cared at all about his child rather than take her away from her mother. Drag the mom through court use up all her money til she is broke and then cant fight anymore. Her letter was a great wake up call to all the celebrities who get special treatment in the court system. its disgusting. And for his new wife to play along and not think he will ever do that to her is amazing! he did it once and he will do it again.

  5. Clarion09 on said:

    Isn’t this the same Chris Bridges who wanted the child’s mother to have an abortion? So yeah, miss me with all that “standing up for what he believes” mess. You don’t take animals away from their mothers when they’re small, so unless she was harming the child, she should have been allowed to retain primay custody. Ludacris just didn’t want to pay child support, and for that he’s eternally trifling.

    • lioness domain on said:

      That’s also the same mother who lost custody of her first child and the same mother who didn’t have the financial means to provide for her daughter.The same mother who wanted a ridiculous amount of child support, for what? Don’t let the fact that she’s a woman or the fact that she’s singing a sad story distract you away from the facts. Just because he asked her to have an abortion doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love the child now that’s she’s here. Also he shares custody with his other child’s mother and there has never been a story about him being a bad father. What Anthony stated was correct!

      • Clarion09 on said:

        If Ludacris had been more selective about the caliber of woman he chose to have UNPROTECTED sex with this wouldn’t even be an issue now, would it? If he gets the benefit of the doubt after asking her to murder their unborn child then so does she.

  6. thomas on said:

    Now before everyone go and pat Mr. Anderson on the back please don’t forget Ludacris did’t want this baby girl he stated she did’t belong to him wow you make Ludacris Father of the Fuckin Year and this young lady Shit you my Brother Speak Volume how you feel about the mother of our children. get your Fact.

    • I think Luda thought he was trapped or tricked by this woman. He probably hates the mother but loves the child. Tough situation for sure . . . .

    • Wow, your support of this farce speaks volumes about you as well As the father of four kids that I took care of along with my wife, Luda is a piss poor excuse of a man. I would never take custody away from my wife unless she was trying to kill my kids or something. While I would be in their lives and support them, I would leave them with their mom. I agree with the poster that notes his new wife is a bit naive for supporting him against this woman. She will be next in line to receive the same treatment from him.

      • Minsky Brown, Uk on said:

        Absolutely agree with you.
        Its a terrible situation for a young baby, who now goes to a strange house, with strangers for the week, then back to the only parent she knew for an entire year, at weekends.
        – Both of these parents need shaking up.
        One, you don’t take children away from a stable parent because of financial power.
        Two, you don’t have a baby with a man, who is spiteful, because he can give you more money in child support than the average monthly wage.
        Only have children if YOU can afford them.

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