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You see the movie starlets on the red carpet and the models on the runway.

Most of them are a dress size 2 to 4.

That’s the sample sizes for clothing designers when they debut their wears on to the public.

Do you know what the average dress size of an American woman is?

Well if you pay attention to the TV or all of those fashion magazines you’d think it was anywhere from a 0 to a size 8.

Nowhere even close to that is the correct size.

According to WebMD, the average dress size is a 12 to 14, with more women fitting into a 14 than a 12.

The same site states the average American woman is 5 feet 4 inches tall with a 34-35 inch waist.

She weighs between 140 – 150 pounds.

You know who’s sick of the false ideal of what women really look like?

Women all over the country are, but Salt-N-Pepa, yes that Salt-N-Pepa of Push It Real Good fame, are doing something about it.

They’ve teamed up with Lane Bryant, a plus size women clothing company to create a line of lingerie for real women sizes 14 to 28.

Lemon- “Why did you do it because I don’t consider either of you plus size, but you are curvy. And that’s a compliment.”

Pepa- “Thank you. We’re trying.  It kinda spoke to us because the campaign is about empowerment and self-worth, self-esteem and what does define beauty.  It comes in so many shapes, size, colors, forms, and we love what it stands for.”

Salt says what drew her in is that young girls have been dying just to try to be skinny and to fit into a certain ideal.

They say it used to be stick figure skinny and now it’s skinny with a big booty.

Lemon- “Booty wasn’t always in. It was in to not have booty and black girls always had booty.

Salt- “And booty is all the way in now.”

Lemon- “And people are getting injections.”

Pepa- “I know.”

Salt- “Isn’t that crazy?”

Lemon- “You think that’s for the positive?”

Salt- “Not with the implants and injections.  I think that’s a whole nother way of not accepting who you are when you go overboard with that.  But for women who are naturally curvy like we are I think it’s beautiful because it’s naturally the way you’re made and to embrace that.  I love the Lane Bryant campaign.  I’m like thank you (laughter).”

Find out the new campaign on Twitter by searching #ImNoAngel.

Salt-N-Pepa still keeping it real almost 30 years after Push It was at the top of the charts.

I was 140 pounds soaking wet then.

What size were you then – and what about now?

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4 thoughts on “Don Lemon Says Salt-N-Pepa Pushin It Real Good For Big Girls Everywhere

  1. hoodtechie on said:

    That is why you get rid of them, especially black/hispanic women when they hit 30 yrs. of all goes downhill from there. Because they refuse to exercise and watch the intake of food, their asses spread out of control. Then they try and go out in the clubs with the extra tight girdle and think they got it going on. Flabs and cellulite everywhere not to mention the wigs/weave. Guys just be careful and try to meet new women in the spring/summer, women up north are notorious for pulling this stunt.

  2. Joy2 on said:

    I’m with Jay. A size 28 Teddie…..really….seriously!! I’m trying to visualize that. We need to focus more on getting people to eat healthy, and exercise.

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