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While many folks are clear on who they’re picking to win the much anticipated fight between Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, Muhammad Ali’s family is divided on which fighter the former boxing champ is choosing to be victorious.

According to TMZ Sports, Ali’s daughter Rasheda says her father is on “Team Pacquiao” in light of the sports icon being a huge fan and longtime friend of Pacquiao. Rasheda’s claim conflicts with a statement issued by an Ali spokesperson, which said, “The stories that Muhammad Ali has chosen a favorite in the fight are false.”

Despite the statement, Rasheda told TMZ that she stands by her original statements while mentioning that, “Everything in your [TMZ Sports] original story is an absolute fact.”

“It was extremely accurate. It was exactly what I said to the word,” said Rasheda. “Honestly, truthfully, everything I said was true. He is a fan of Manny.”

“For political reasons, or other reasons, or because my dad didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, Lonnie [Muhammad’s wife] didn’t want him to pick a side,” she added.

“After your article came out, Lonnie was fine with it. Other outlets took the story and twisted the words around and basically made it seem like my dad was going to be sitting in Manny’s corner the night of the fight. They made it into something else.”

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