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Police are on the lookout for two men who assaulted a passenger on a St. Louis train for refusing to speak about the Michael Brown case, the New York Daily News reports.

The incident took place last Monday evening when David Autry was riding the MetroLink train home. He was approached by a group of men who were talking about Brown, the unarmed teenager shot and killed by former officer Darren Wilson last year. The case prompted a national eruption of demonstrations and protests in Ferguson and influenced the outcry of other police killings in 2014.

When Autry declined to comment on the case, one of the men punched him several times. A man in a gray coat also punched him before jumping out of the train.

Autry says he’s happy there’s footage showing the fight, but is disappointed no one tried to stop it from happening.

“I think it was disgusting that no one (helped),” he told the station. “People were sort of laughing and smiling about it. No one offered to help and no one attempted to call 911.”

Surveillance footage also caught two clear images of the men involved. Autry has set up a GoFundMe to help pay for lawyer fees and a motorcycle so he can avoid taking the train. While he’s just a few hundred dollars from his $5,000 goal, Autry says he plans to donate a portion of the funds to other victims of crimes in the St. Louis area.

Autry has received a ton of support since the video spread all over the web during the weekend. He’s also been offered Krav Maga and focus training classes to defend himself from perpetrators in the future.

SOURCE: NY Daily News

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137 thoughts on “Man Assaulted On St. Louis MetroLink For Refusing To Talk About Michael Brown Case

  1. scottinstl on said:

    It is obviously not safe to ride. If they will not protect their customers they should not receive public funds. Call your representatives and ask them to defund the “mugger mover”.

  2. Charlie on said:

    Wish he would try that on me – he would be saying – hands up don’t shoot – but I think it would be too late once again. You want to live – don’t steal a cops gun – you want respect – stop stealing from local merchants – you want the black community to get support – stop telling us it is race – it is not race it is behavior related – you guys need to get your community under control and stop blaming others. You may also want to ask Dr. Drew for some of the money he made selling rap that has stero typed all black men into thugs – because I know there are a lot of hard working black men and women that are being misrepresented – but they are not or cannot say anything over the ignorant voices of their own race.

  3. pieceofmind on said:

    If it where the other way around this would be front page news, there would be a massive uproar against white people and their “racism” but since it’s the other way around this is called assault instead of a racial motivated crime.

  4. BrooklynKP on said:

    This is why nobody likes black people. Not just white people, I live in a very mixed part of Brooklyn. Whites, Chinese, Koreans, Arabs, Mexicans (other Latino Groups) all hate black people. My upstairs neighbor from Yemen and downstairs neighbor from Mexico , talk to each other in broken English how much they hate black people. It would be a comedy skit if it was not true

  5. What Is wrong with you Black people? you can’t blame this on racism or slavery, so what Is It that makes you self absorbed Idiots do the same stupid racist crap over, and over again, and again………..Martin Luther King Jr. said he hoped one day that Black people would be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin, how Is that possible when you Black people are characterless.

  6. This is typical. They always run in numbers (bully mentality) and strike on anybody who isn’t in a position to defend themselves. The cowards show their stripes. And then they wonder why the world has such a negative slanted view of their race.

  7. August on said:

    These type of articles tend to bring out the racist white and racist black trash! Society has no place for either of you! At the moment white racist are outed and prosecuted and black racist are having there time of impunity, but eventually ALL racist trash will be taken to the curb…

    • This Is the same behavior that got Michael Brown shot by the police, Blacks wonder why they are being arrested or killed, this Is why, and It has nothing to do with White people being racist, but everything to do with Blacks being racist. If that man would have shot those Black thugs all Blacks Including the Black President would have been screaming Racism.

      • Why was this guy even approached in the first place? Because he is white and that constitutes racial bias and then to attack him is a hate crime but our local nut less prosecutors have already stated that the will not seek hate crime charges but rather misdemeanor assault charges. Under Missouri law the is at least second degree felony assault and each hit should be considered as a separate charge.

        This is what the black protesters in Ferguson where looking to get, impunity for committing crimes and what is going on is a new version of to “Knockout game” so if you are approached and asked about your opinion of the Michael Brown incident I would suggest one of the following responses. Just walk away and don’t respond but make sure you keep an eye on them. Tell them WTF do you care about what I thin or it’s none of your business. If you want to appease their attempt to intimidate you just say that it was a tragic event and leave it at that.

        I was approached by a group of 5 black teen while I was at work and asked that question and my response was I go with where ever the evidence leads and that pretty much ended the conversation and it didn’t hurt that I was in uniform and armed at the time. Make no mistake they are looking for any response from use to use it as an excuse for an attack.

  8. Victoria on said:

    That was a Hate crime of black hating white!!!! What was sick the people on metro didn’t do anything ,,,,,The whole thing was wrong and sick !!!!! We the people need to find plateau where we can work together for common decency……. Will it happen ??? That’s million dollar questions

  9. Wilson on said:

    Love the low class white people and their ignorant racist comments regarding race. Since you want to discuss racial crimes I guess it’s ok for whites to kill defenseless elementary school kids huh? Does Sandy Hook stir up memories? So I guess whites are animals too huh? Stop judging scum bags!

    • baba'sKids on said:

      @ Wilson, just so you know many people online that are against this crime are us hispanics, asians, Indians, Mixed races and ect. ….you actually assume we are All white commenting online. ..well we are not! And we think just like the white people you are talking about! What these black thugs did was wrong, and for you to stick up for them makes you a G h e t t o T r a s h N ut!

  10. Ahh! Spring time is in the air and candidates to be Obama’s son’s are roaring, rampaging every where and it’s no escaping them. Now if the poor soul the two (2) punks assaulted had have had a gun and sent them to be worm bate with their follow thug Michael Brown then more than likely both of the slugs mamas would act a dammed fool. Keep it up Michael Brown want to be’s! Your black ass’s is on notice! Keep the shit up and we’ll have good news the next time then after you’ll be worm bate!

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