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It took five years, but Phaedra Parks has finally decided to divorce her incarcerated husband Apollo Nida.

During the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” which aired Sunday (March 22), an emotional Parks confided in her friend Sarah Jakes about the reasons surrounding her change of heart with Nida.

For Parks, it was a case of Nida foiling her efforts to be the perfect wife with doing anything he could to be mean and hurtful.

“I said I would support him through the criminal trouble,” Phaedra sobbed to Jakes, who is the daughter of famed pastor T.D. Jakes. “I should have probably left then.”

Looking back on her marriage, Parks detailed how Nida terrorized their home, saying it was “never a peaceful night’s sleep” because he was “always getting into fights.”

Despite this, Parks admitted that she has peace for the first time in years.

“I don’t live in fear of ‘what has Apollo done, what will he do next?’” Parks continued. “I can go to sleep knowing that he’s not going to hurt himself or hurt anybody around him.”

As far as the next step to take, Parks sought advice a few days later from her mentor and fellow attorney Ronnie Kaplan, who is concerned about the well being of Nida and Parks’ two boys.

“They need to have as much contact as possible with their dad,” Kaplan told Parks.

Although she wants her sons to continue to have a strong relationship their father, Parks mentioned not being a fan of going to the federal prison Nida is at in Kentucky for her visits. Parks mentioned her main reasons for opting out of seeing Nida , which included her busy work schedule as well as a fear her sons will be exposed to “a room full of killers.”

When asked why she chose Nida knowing he was going to be behind bars for five years, Parks alluded to being into someone she thought was “a changed man.”

“I married him because I knew that he loved me. Some people do change their lives and make a difference…maybe he was conning me the whole time,” she shared with Kaplan.

Kaplan stated that while it’s possible to file for divorce while Nida is in prison and not present, Parks should take it slow.

“We’ll get through it,” he told her. “It’s a sad time. A divorce is a death. A death of a relationship.”

As one relationship ends, the door is left open for the rest of the housewives to fix their relationships among each other.

Taking NeNe Leakes up on her suggestion to attend a group counseling session, Kandi Burruss, Claudia Jordan, Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore attempt to work things out.

The kicker is Leakes bailed out early, leaving the remaining ladies to hash out their issues.

Moore admitted that her relationship with Williams was doomed from the beginning, as evidenced by their altercation during the “RHOA” season six-finale fight. As it turned out, Moore still felt like she was “attacked” and Williams didn’t apologize.

It was then that Dr. Jeff reminded Moore that she attacked Williams, who maintained that she was “provoked,” too.

As the session continued, a lot of things happened as Williams confronted Moore and Jordan over accusations that she a slept with a married man. Apparently, Williams hasn’t let the situation go.

In Jordan’s eyes, Williams took sides when Leakes attacked her during their trip to Puerto Rico.

“It is OK for you to sit there and laugh at another woman calling me a whore. But when I bring up what you’re actually, really doing — allegedly — it hurts you,” Jordan said in her confessional as she admitted that it was wrong to bring up Williams’’ personal business in front of the group.

Dr. Jeff then asks if Jordan would apologize to Williams for bringing her personal business into the session. As a result, Jordan does apologize.

Moore follows suit in accepting responsibility for her role in the fight in Puerto Rico as well as provoking Williams. As with Jordan, Williams accepts Moore’s apology.

Leakes may have left early, but she was still in the minds of the housewives as Moore suggested they send a video to Leakes as proof of them wanting to make amends with her while asking Leakes if she wants to do the same.

The gesture may have been a good one, but at least one housewife was reluctant to get down with it.

“This is why she feels she can do this to people. Because they kiss her ass!” Burruss vented in her confessional.

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