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Although they voiced their opposition to the video, the “Morning Joe” panel expressed that rap music, particularly Waka Flocka and the explicit lyrics and use of the N-word in his music, is to blame for the offensive clip and the resulting drama.

Needless to say, Black Twitter exploded and took the MSNBC hosts to task for their views. The social media backlash was acknowledged with the trending satirical hashtag #RapAlbumsThatCausedSlavery.

It’s one thing to sing a song that has the N-word in it. It’s another to proudly chant and sing along to a tune about lynching, killing and excluding blacks, who are clearly labeled as “n—ers.”

Realizing the damage done by what she said, “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski tried to make peace by appearing later on MSNBC to clarify her comments.

“The students in the video are responsible for their behavior. And as we said on our show this morning, they did it, and it’s beyond appalling,” Brzezinski said. “In no way is anybody else to blame for what they did on that bus,” she continued. “They are responsible and they made that choice.”

To see the “Morning Joe” hosts’ discussion on the SAE video, check out the video above.

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(Photo/Video Source: YouTube)

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43 thoughts on “MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ Hosts Blame Hip-Hop For SAE Racist Chant Video (Watch)

  1. I meant Mika ..she is extremely progressive liberal just like President Obama. I totally take issue with the hysteria, and lynch mob mentality articulated by all here. It’s about hate equal to that expressed by racist Whites on board the Bus.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Courage: the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery. Isn’t being in hiding considered fear? Hiding your identity is not “bravery”. But kudos to the person who videoed this racist rant.
    Let’s be clear, racism is “alive and well” in America as people have said before. This type of behavior has been going on forever it seems, but we are in the high tech age and things like this seem outrageous because it’s not hidden anymore.
    Hip-hop, even by Ice Cube, Kanye (who’s married to a white women) and NWA, (nice try but no cigar), are not to blame for racism in America.

  3. How ’bout we probably will never know the ID of the person who shot the video on the bus. They probably wouldn’t live long. Or probably couldn’t find a safe place to live. Let’s thank them for their courage.

  4. Mac Ben on said:

    According to Trinidad James himself he has done shows for SAE and other white fraternities…and he admitted that his music is what the old white lady identified as the House Mom was singing when she said n!gger….seven times. So…there is some truth to the story.

  5. Honestly on said:

    cave n!@@ers like joe scarborough are nothing but depraved and rigid racist. These neanderthal apes run from truth like roaches running from raid. These mayonnaise monkeys should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  6. Tanisha on said:

    White people can not face the deep seeded hate in them that has led to so much evil in this country so they blame everything on everybody. How easy is it to look at yourself after you have done something wrong?

  7. Joe and Mika another twosome who are trying to blame black folks for the wrong white folks have done. Only one person on the panel spoke up stating that one cannot compare hip hop lyrics to chant from the group of whites on the bus; hanging and killing black folks. Why this particular day no black commentators was on the show. Last hip hop did not start racism, so stop using black people as an excuse to continue with your hatefulness.

    • Babyboomer on said:

      I stopped watching this show some time back because I couldn’t take Joe anymore. For awhile Mika was one of the only reasonable sounding people on the panel (other than the occasional AA panelist). I’m highly disappointed in her but I’ve never expected anything positive from Joe. To blame us for racism in America is ridiculous at the very least. This past 7 years (President Obama’s time in office.) has taught me more about this country than all my 51 years prior. I will never be foolish enough to think anything has changed of improved in America for the remainder of my time on earth. Racism is “Alive and well in the U.S.” And it always will be…

      • Debra on said:

        I agree with you! I watched this show once, and half way through it I gagged and changed the channel. Have never watched it agian, not even to hear/panelist. They are all a bunch of Racists, including those over at CNN. MSNBC is are doing whatever they can to pick up Black Viewership, but their ratings will never increased with Racists like Mika and Joe leading

  8. specialt757 on said:

    I hear all races now using the n-word as part of their everyday language. But when I’ve heard this is wasn’t related to HATE or supremacy, it was more about a certain behavior. They weren’t referring to blacks or African Americans necessarily, it was used as an adjective not a noun. Clearly in this chant these people were singing it was about white supremacy, hate, segregation, and violence. Just as sad is, more than likely not everyone in their group felt this way, but they were cowards for not standing up and saying I won’t be apart of this. This was not the first time this song was sung within this group.

  9. October on said:

    jhuf, I agree with you 100%. Why is it different for us to use that word that for a white to say the same thing. N-word insn’t about color but about behavior. I wish someone would explain what the is the difference?

  10. pac4me on said:

    Racism is alive and well in America. When news hosts say what they mean, they are quick to make a rebuttal statement when they are called out on what they said. She knew what she was saying because this is where her belief is. Rap Music has been and will be around for a time and nothing that anyone sings in a song (especially in 2015) should make college educated white men sing what they did (unless this was also part of their belief system) and they reveled in the joy of singing that chant. To continue to talk about lynching and hanging should be considered a hate crime because it invokes violence.

  11. specialt757 on said:

    The racism that these students portrayed is certainly deep rooted. They are not old enough to have been around when lynching was the “meal of the day” for white folks. So it comes from somewhere. I’m not a fan of all hip-hop but racism in this country certainly did not start or will end with hip hop. They can miss me with that. And be original, “that hip-hop made them do it” is played out.

  12. I think this country need to do a role play(s) reversal(s) in reference to racism in America (turn-the-tables) for a year; and let the perpetrators who promote hate, experience the very thing they continuously do to black people, and see how the situations feel.

  13. carmen on said:

    Hip Hop has nothing to do with what an adult chooses to say. He’s trying to come up with an excuse for grown azz college students chose to say, they weren’t forced to say what they said no more than the 80 year house mother saying what she said. They’re all old enough to know better especially great grand ma.

  14. Whites are so in denial about slavery and racism. This the problem; yet they are quick to say they are “not racist,” and then say played out line: They have “black friends.”

    Stop dodging the subject about race, and maybe some respect and sensitivity may come from having this loooooong overdue discussion about this problem in America.

  15. Timekeeeper on said:

    This conversation is kind of funny. This is not ( or should not be) about Wacka Flacka. That is a very convenient diversion from what went on in that bus.
    I am kinda surprised at Mika, because she usually doesn’t take the easy bait, go figure? Many whites, and a few colored folk) always find a way to make it the fault of people of color, that is a very common and pedestrian practice. This is less about the chant on the bus, and more about the level of excitement and freedom they all felt when they sang. I mean, there was no hesitation or caution whatsoever.
    I’ts as if there was no concern from anyone. The unbridled enthusiasm is the real undertow. I mean, forget about the N Word, that is bad enough. But to go from that to Lynching & Hanging.
    Where in the world does that Leap come from! That is a Quantum leap from where these kids are coming from as 20 somethings.
    This thing goes much deeper, and that is the real issue.

    • F. Spears on said:

      @ Timekeeper,

      Couldn’t agree more with your comment. Not one kid stood up and said this is BS or that’s enough but of course they wouldn’t, just follow along. The sense of freedom to do and say whatever they want goes hand in hand with the pervasive culture of “Entitlement” with no checks and balances from parents or anyone in their circle. If there was a head of the house that was Black or of other ethnic origin would they have spewed this crap? To expand diversity should be the charge for every side to take up as we can not put everyone under the same blanket no matter how many times BLACK people and other minorities IN AMERICA seem to be placed and labeled!!!!!

  16. W man you created that word and now your angry you can’t use it. For anyone to use it is wrong but w man that’s some of your doings too. W man you are the creator of all wrong and evil things because you were always in CHARGE! From stealing, killings, hangings, rapes and some more.

  17. Those people Parents were not instrumental at all in their behavior? Racism is a Learned Behavior!! As children We do not see color or difference in people. We play together, have fun and lift one another up. But when we get older and adults get involved that’s when the hate starts.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Debra your comment reiminded me of when my daughter was about 5 and she was talking about something that happened to a girl in her class that day at school. So I asked my daughter was she white or black? My daughter looked at me and was shaking head, looking at me strange and said “what does that mean?” My husband and I started smiling and said “nothing baby don’t worry about.” So that just goes to show, racism is definitely a “taught” behavior.

  18. OK so rappers don’t sing about lynching N%%^^^ but they do sing about shooting
    A N%%$## (which is the #1 cause of death among young blacks) so what the hell is the difference? It’s still used in a derogatory manner from both, so it’s a chant and not a song really that’s the threshold, so if a white rapper signs a song with the n-word in it
    I shouldn’t expect to hear any backlash? Or is N*&^% now a word only we are allowed to use to degrade ourselves

    • Donna on said:

      I don’t think you are paying attention to the conversation. The point of this thread is that the Morning Joe panel decided that the fault with the singing of the song by the students lies in the pervasive use of the word n*gga in rap music. The point of the people on the thread is “Way to shift blame Mika and Joe!!!” That song those students chanted is older than rap music so the causal relationship is dubious at best.

      The song promotes segregation and racial violence and of course white supremacy. Now, if they want to have a debate about rap music and they can join the many pastors, sociologists, psychologists, community organizers, to discuss the issue but I doubt that they will because they wanted to obfuscate the issue and not deal with this entrenched disease in our society.

      • Donna you and certainly Pallas Don’t get it, I don’t care about what Morning Joe was trying to say ,,I’m talking about the use of the word period regardless of when to song originated, don’t condone and rationalize the use of the word in rap music then when other than blacks use it “in creative art”
        brand it racist,, it’s ALL racist Read my first comment again, it’s used in a derogatory manner in Rap as well as when those students on that bus sung that song

    • Donna on said:

      So now we need to have a discussion about racism. When those boys sung the lyrics “you can hang them from a tree but they’ll never sign with me” they were referring to a time when it was perfectly ok to hang AAs for some infraction. The “they’ll never sign with me” refers to the exclusion of many of these groups. The exclusion led to a devaluing of black life which then made it ok to take that black life. Racism is about the power to alter or prohibit another person’s life. When Jay-Z raps “My N*ggaz” that is decidedly NOT the same thing as what these boys sung on the bus. There was no camaraderie or friendship in those lyrics. It was a hateful song.

      Again, if a person wants to engage in a debate about whether or not a rapper should use this word that is one thing. What Joe and Mika were doing is absolving these boys of any responsibility for their use of the word because…”Well, rappers do it!!!” Really? Is that all they got?

  19. specialt757 on said:

    “say what you mean, mean what you say” Mike meant it. Hate back peddlin’ folks. I don’t care for Charles Barkley but the one thing I do admire is he rarely, if ever appologizes for what he says. He takes a lot of heat, but he says what he means, no matter how stupid.

  20. elaine on said:

    Waka Flocka is not singing about lynching white people or calling them names. There is a big difference. I don’t like a lot of the Rap lyrics but let a black rapper sing about them and they will be very offended.

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