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Former VH1 reality star Kamal Givens better known as “Chance,” shared with fans the homecoming celebration of his brother Ahmad, aka “Real”. On Feb. 20, Ahmad lost his long batter with cancer, with his family by his side. Ahmad, along with his brother Kamal were featured on I Love New York, where they became breakout starts on the reality series and were given their on spin-off series, Real Chance Of Love.  In 2013,  Ahmad was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and proceeded to undergo surgery for the disease. Ahmad’s health seemed to improve until he announced last year his cancer returned and he started chemo treatments.

Some fans were puzzled by Kamal’s decision reveal to photographs of Ahmad’s funeral on Instagram, but he cleared up the issue. According to Kamal, he made the decision to share the service for those who weren’t able to attend.  In the caption, Kamal wrote:

I hope you all enjoyed @realstallionaire service I felt this is the least I could do for all the family, friends and fans who wanted to attend his service. We love and and see you next post!

Take a look at some of the photos below.

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13 thoughts on “Former “Real Chance At Love” Star Shares Photos Of His Brother’s Funeral

  1. rip chance you will be missed, thank you for sharing this with us may GOD bless you and your family, I lost my mother 2 years ago to colon cancer, it does get a little easier with faith and prayer. Be blessed.

  2. Mariesa Boyer on said:

    Today we are on bended knees praying for your family during this time plz know God is able to do anything But fail. Thank you family for sharing it allowed us to feel like part of the family. I love you.

  3. Betty W. on said:

    God bless you Kamal and your family for your loss you are in my prayers and thank you for sharing with us, we are here for you and your family.

  4. monalisa85 on said:

    There’s nothing wrong in him posting pictures of his brothers funeral. I feel it was very thoughtful of him because of the people around the world who came to care for him. Now if he had shown the body, now, that would have been tacky.

  5. chara on said:

    maybe that’s how he is dealing with the grief…..My dude took pics of his mom in her casket. She passed over 20 years ago while we were still in high school. He has them in a photo album with other pics paying tribute to his mom….

    • Beeg1966 on said:

      I don’t think it disrpectful at all. It’s his brother, his family, you do you and your family. In other words mind your business..

    • chanel evans on said:

      obviously you do foolio….. on here in the middle of the night being rude. Have some respect for this family and take your butt to bed jerk.

      • I agree Chanel. There were people who liked these guys and the family was nice to share this with fans and the public. “If you have nothing nice to say, shut up” and do not stop to read let alone post a comment.

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