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To say Nick Gordon – who’s not at all liked by both the Bobby Brown and Houston clans and is supposedly under investigation for foul play regarding Bobbi Kristina being found face down in a bath tub of water – has go some serious issues of his own is, well, an understatement.

That’s easy to see in his recent interview with Dr. Phil. In fact, Nick’s mother did a lot of the talking, and told Dr. Phil McGraw her son was deep into booze and Xanax. Gordon was so jacked up he could barely form sentences.

“Your son, left to his own devices, will be dead inside a week,” Dr. Phil warns Gordon’s mother in a pre-taped interview that will air on Dr. Phil this coming Wednesday, March 11 (See the trailer/preview below).

Interestingly, the interview turned into an intervention when Dr. Phil confronts Gordon about his drinking and drugging.

“I want you to go straight to rehab,” the daytime talk show host says, as Gordon becomes agitated with the direction things are going and walks out. he reportedly even punched two Dr. Phil staffers.

In the sneak peek/trailer below, Gordon also sobs over the loss of Whitney Houston, who was like a mother to him, as well as Bobbi Kristina, the woman he called his wife even though they were never legally married.

“I miss Krissi and Whitney so much. I want them back,” Gordon says through tears. He also declares, “I hate Bobby Brown” when asked about Bobbi Kristina’s father who has banned Gordon from visiting her in the hospital since her near-drowning incident on Jan. 31.


Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah Brown objected to the interview via her Facebook page. She posted:

Nick Gordon is under investigation for the attempted murder of my niece Bobbi Kristina Brown. We have strong evidence of foul play. Until this investigation is completed by law enforcement, I would ask that you or anyone else not provide this individual a platform to spin this situation to his benefit.

If Nick Gordon does not have the courage to speak with my brother Bobby Brown and/or law enforcement about what happened the day my niece’s body was found in a bathtub, he does not deserve to have a platform to speak to anyone of your caliber until this investigation is concluded.” 

This episode is scheduled to air on Wednesday, Mar. 11.

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(Photo Source: US Magazine)

19 thoughts on “UPDATE: Nick Gordon ‘I Hate Bobby Brown,’ Heads To Rehab, Brown’s Sister Speaks [VIDEO]

  1. I agree CMP. Since his “mother” set this interview up with Dr. Phil, she should have raised her son, if she could, or shut up. Both of those families are cray cray.

  2. msnanz50 on said:

    Let him talk! The police and the investigators will watch this interview with a load of popcorn. Everything he says on that show can be used against him during the criminal investigation. Talk, talk, talk! will put him under the jail. Everyone knows you don’t talk without a lawyer present guiding you through. So dumb.

  3. Tammy on said:

    This kid is stupid. I think Bobby hate him as well so what the big deal. ANd if Nick wanted to get in good grace to see BK, this is NOT the way to do it and not at this time.

  4. Timekeeeper on said:

    Dr. Phil is the biggest Media Whore on national TV. He never misses an opportunity to exploit and stick his bald pate into every social situation in America as if he is the only one with an answer. He is worst than Jerry Springer. At least Jerry doesn’t try passing himself off as a Dr. and taking himself too seriously.
    Like Maury Povich would say, Dr. Phil You Are The Jackass!!!

  5. pac4me on said:

    How ironic is it that Nick gave CPR to Whitney and it failed and then he gave to BK and it failed too. Why is it that this “man-child” has been in the middle of so much tragedy? And based on some of Nick’s recent tweets, yes he is having emotional issues (as he should) but why did mom seek out Dr Phil for this much needed intervention? (Nobody else with a syndicated TV show) and why wait for so long and where has she been during all this time?

      • specialt757 on said:

        RENO2AC I don’t remember the details surrounding Whitney’s death. If Nick was there was Bobbi K there also when they discovered her body?

      • pac4me on said:

        Don’t know if it’s true or not, but his mother made the claim that he had called her that night and told her he’d given WH cpr and couldn’t get air into her lungs.

  6. Where was his mother when he was growing up now she wants to come across as the supportive mother.. just for publicity.. why did she give her son away or why was he taken away? #beatitbitch

    • This is amazing first we see a birth mother, where and why did Whithney have your son your son all those years? Please you need help! Never heard anyone say he did CPR on Whitney can we investigate that case again also. Now this discuss with Dr Phil is just for his rating because Nick if your dumb ass say anything Fultin county will lock you up or the Huston/Brown family family will sue you. You need written proof. This is not a game

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