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The show went off the air 25 years ago, but actor Antonio Fargas is still best known for his role as Huggy Bear on Starsky and Hutch. Since then, the veteran actor has accomplished many things – including being a bandleader. His band The New Jump Blues has been touring around the country.

“55 years this summer that I started in the business as a 14-year-old youngin,’ wet behind the ears in New York, to find music in my life is the spiritual cherry on the cake of a career that has been so opportune. I’ve had so many blessings,” says Fargas.

The now 68-year-old actor has been working with his band The New Jump Blues who played at the prestigious Playboy Jazz Festival last year, among other appearances. The band is a mix of feel-good jazz and funk. But now that he’s rocked this music thing, does he mind if fans still call him Huggy Bear?

He doesn’t.

“I’m the originator,” he says. “Yes, I am.”

Listen to and buy music from The New Jump Blues and get information on performances and more HERE. 

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