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Keeping your hair healthy can be quite a task and if you’re like me and like to change it up a bit every now and then keeping your locks in order becomes even trickier. The answer is never to stay plain Jane; it just becomes more of a priority to stay on top of healthy hair management.

1. Prepare

If you can get your tresses in a healthy state prior to any chemical treatments, you have a better chance at them remaining that way afterwards. Your hair needs to be strong to withstand the changes it is about to partake in. Try to cut back on sulfate-bearing products, get your ends trimmed, deep condition, and protective style your hair a week or two before a chemical treatment.

2. Add Ins

Ask your colorist about adding in a damage preventor like Olaplex, a bond multiplier that helps to strengthen your hair during your coloring service by linking broken bonds in your hair. An alternative, and probably less expensive method, is adding some essential oils to your mixture like coconut, olive or argan oil.

3. Ammonia-Free 

Thank goodness for technology! There are now chemical coloring treatments that lend the same results, but without the damaging components like ammonia.

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