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When actress Zendaya Coleman decided to rock a different hair look to the Oscars on Sunday night, she never expected to ignite a natural hair firestorm. Her faux locs, one of the changing hairstyles Coleman has tried out as of late were critiqued on E! News’ popular fashion show Fashion Police.

Kelly Osborne said she thought Zendaya’s style was maturing and looked forward to her evolution, but co-host Giuliana Rancic though the hairstyle was “too big” for the star and possibly smelled like patchouli…and weed. (It should be noted, that although Rancic was the first to mention the patchouli oil, it was comedian co-host Kathy Griffin who said ‘weed’ which Rancic then co-signed.)

Coleman issued a thoughtful, measured response via her Twitter this morning, predictably setting off a natural hair education class on Rancic’s Twitter account.

Rancic apologized via her account, but further angered people who thought her apology lacked sincerity.

Hair wars? Who’s the winner in the never-ending battle over Black women’s hair preferences? In this case, advantage Coleman, who made the point that locs don’t have to mean any one thing and used her public platform to do so.

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(Photo: Associated Press)