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Although there are some who would love to see Larenz Tate on “Scandal,” the actor downplayed all talk about him replacing Columbus Short on the hit ABC show.

During an appearance on Access Hollywood, Tate addressed rumors of him joining the cast of “Scandal.” According to him, all the talk is just talk.

“The ‘Scandal’ is such a scandal!” the actor told Access’ Billy Bush and Kit Hoover. “The ‘Scandal’ hearsay or rumors started I guess through the gladiator fans. Like, they’re people who love the TV show ‘Scandal’ and thought that I would be a great addition to the show.

“I think it’s an amazing show, but it’s just hearsay,” he added. “Nothing official.”Rumors of Tate taking Short’s place on “Scandal” surfaced after Short’s exit from the show. Since his departure, the entertainer has endured a series of negative press directed at his recent encounters with the law. Nevertheless, Tate extended well wishes for his friend.

“I know Columbus, I’m friends with Columbus, and he’s had a really tough time right now. For me, I just hope the best for him and his family above all,” the “Love Jones” star expressed. “The job – that’s great, being on a hot TV show – [but] what’s important is family, and for him to just keep the family together as best as possible.”

Despite Tate’s stance, the fact remains that if he joined the “Scandal” cast, the situation could conflict with his current gig starring in the USA Network’s new drama, “Rush.” So the question is would Tate’s contract allow him to appear on network television as well as cable TV at the same time?

“I think that things are always up for negotiation, you know what I’m saying?” he said. “I’m a businessman. But I like what I’m doing right now.”

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2 thoughts on “Larenz Tate Downplays Rumors of Replacing Columbus Short on ‘Scandal’

    • I did not know Tate was on “House of Lies” but it makes sense because I was certain that “Rush” was cancelled…?????

      I keep telling myself that Short will return to “Scandal” as Harrison because I am so certain that I saw him in the car while Abbey and Olivia were at his gravesite. When I told my friend she said that was I wrong, that the person in the car was Rowan. I guess I was thinking or hoping that he would return. Oh well.

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