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Warning: ‘Empire’ spoiler alert ahead. If you haven’t yet seen “Our Dancing Days” which aired on Wednesday, February 18, wait to read this article.

Like Annika on Empire, Sherri Shepherd has a story to tell about finding your man in bed with another woman. While she won’t say who it was – or whether it was either of her now ex-husbands (though she has said previously that the first one cheated on her) she will say that she didn’t’ take it as calmly as Annika did.

“It wasn’t catching him in the physical act. It was pictures that I saw. It was positions that I couldn’t do because of the arthritis in my knee. It was ruckus that was started. You don’t walk out no room,” Sherri says.

In another case of cheating exes, a angry woman vandalized and torched her former lover’s car after she found out he was cheating. On the car, she accused him of being, ahem, less endowed than she wanted him to be.

“That’s hard when people are screaming out ‘you got a little one,’ Shepherd says. (Apparently, according to TJMS listeners, this is not an isolated incident as several TJMS viewers admitted to similar abuses.)

Shepherd is having other issues these days. She’s trying to find an apartment or a room in L.A. and says she can’t find a single place to stay due to the Oscars. She’s even tried a site that allows you to rent a house or apartment but without a photo, she says people are declining her.

“I can’t put up a photo because if they know its Sherri Shepherd, they’ll be putting up cameras and if I walk around with no clothes on…with a camera….but because I didn’t use a picture everyone is declining me.”

Oh, the problems of the rich and famous. Well one problem Sherri doesn’t have is selling wigs. She sold out on QVC Wednesday to the tune of 60,000 units sold.

You have to make those people at QVC feel like their life will be over if they don’t have a wig,” Sherry says. “I tell them how fun it is and how convenient it is to wear a wig. And I take my wig off and I try to do it when the cameras are off of me, but they caught me one time and my sister called me and said ‘Don’t do that again, you look like Celie.’

When asks if she hustles/dances to make the sales, Sherri says “I electric slide. But it’s an honest job. At least I’m not on a pole.”

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