Be honest: How long has it been since you last had a bra fitting? If it’s been more than five years or never, then there’s a pretty good chance that your bra is either too big or too small. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered (no pun intended). Here are nine signs that you’re wearing an ill-fitted bra.

  1. If your breasts are spilling out over the top, bottom and/or sides of your bra, it’s too small and it’s time to go up a size.
  2. If the straps of your bra are digging into your shoulders, your bra is too small.
  3. If the back of your bra is constantly riding up, it’s too big.
  4. If you take your bra off at the end of the day and you see indentation marks, it’s too tight and you should consider going up a size.
  5. If the cups of your bra are wrinkling, that means your breasts aren’t big enough to fill them. Size down.
  6. When you find the right bra, you should forget you’re wearing it. If you’re constantly being reminded that you’re wearing a bra throughout the day, it’s time to get refitted for a new one.
  7. If the underwire of your bra pokes you, cuts into your breasts and/or doesn’t sit flat against your rib cage, these are all signs that your bra is too small.
  8. If you experience any pain whatsoever while wearing your bra, it’s too small.
  9. If your bra straps are constantly sliding off your shoulders or there’s a gap in between your bra and your breasts, then it’s too big.

To ensure that you’re wearing a well-fitted bra, it’s important to get fitted regularly – at least once a year, especially if you’ve gained/lost a few pounds or you’re pregnant and recently gave birth. Although many department stores offer bra fittings, it’s probably best to visit a specialty bra or lingerie store for a more accurate fitting.

When choosing a bra, don’t invest too much money into the sexiest bras because they often don’t provide you with the support needed.

Also, if your bra only costs $15, it’s probably not the best quality and won’t last any longer than a couple months. Expect a good bra to cost around $50, maybe more if you have a larger cup size.

Wearing the wrong bra size for too long can actually bring on several problems, such as shoulder, neck and back pain, sagging breasts, poor posture, lymph nodes, skin abrasions, and even breast cancer, just to name a few.


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