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Conservatives are ridiculously riled-up over a controversial English class at Arizona State University called “U.S. Race Theory & the Problem of Whiteness,” a social engineering course that examines perceptions of race in America.

I believe Arizona State University is offering students a much-needed, progressive, thought-provoking class to stimulate intellectual discussion about cultural awareness in a nation that is steadily becoming blacker and browner.

So what’s the problem? Fox News and some white conservatives have taken issue with the class, claiming the course that explores “Whiteness” philosophically assaults white people even though the professor who teaches the class, Lee Bebout, is white. Go figure. Elisabeth Hasselbeck, another narrow-minded ultra-conservative on Fox News, called the class “quite unfair, and wrong, and pointed.”

I should note that Hasselback, who is long on rhetoric and short on facts, hasn’t read the course syllabus or spoken with Bebout. She’s basing all her knowledge of the class on her warped perception of a growing multicultural America and Arizona State University student Lauren Clark, who objects to the required reading for students — which include “Playing in the Dark” by Toni Morrison, a celebrated African-American writer who has won a Pulitzer Prize, a Nobel Prize and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The other books listed on the syllabus are “Everyday Language of White Racism” by Jane Hill, “Critical Race Theory: An Introduction” by Richard Delgado,” “Alchemy of Race & Rights” by Patricia Williams, and “The Possessive Investment in Whiteness” by George Lipsitz.

“All of these books have a disturbing trend and that’s pointing to white people as a root cause of social injustices for this country,” Clark told Hasselbeck on Fox and Friends. Clark also said that examining white privilege in a collegiate setting “causes more problems than solutions.”

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