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It’s obvious Ray J‘s now ex-girlfriend, Princess Love, has got some issues.

We came to that conclusion based on reports that she threatened to kill herself because Ray J kicked her to the curb.

Yep, if Ray J is to be believed, he called 911 Wednesday and told the dispatcher his girlfriend said she was going to kill herself.

The story goes that Ray J broke things off with Princess Tuesday night. TMZ reports that she was incessantly texting him after he left for work on Wednesday and when she didn’t hear what she wanted from him she threatened suicide.

Ray J knowing there was a gun in the house, took the threat seriously. He noted to the dispatcher that his and Princess Love’s good friend Earl Hayes just committed a murder-suicide … and he wasn’t taking any chances.

Officers were dispatched to their home for a welfare check, but she wasn’t there. As of this report’s posting, they hadn’t made contact with her, but Ray J now says he spoke with her and she insists she won’t go through with the threat.

But still, to even threaten to kill yourself because of a break up with Ray J?! Miss Princess Love’s got some issues that that need to be addressed.

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