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Seattle police officer Adley Shepherd will not face any criminal charges for punching Miyekko Durden-Bosley and breaking the orbital bone of her eye while she was handcuffed, according to CBS 46.

The incident began with a domestic violence call, when Durden-Bosley was reportedly intoxicated and behaving erratically outside of an unidentified Seattle man’s home. His mother called police. When Shepherd, 38, arrived on the scene, Durden-Bosley was reportedly being belligerent and spewing profanity at the officer. The nine-year police veteran then shoved the 23-year-old woman in the back of his police cruiser, and she kicked at him. Shepherd reacted by socking the young woman in the eye.

Shepherd suffered no visible injuries according to court documents.  Durden-Bosley, however, had a visibly inflamed black eye and the whites of her eyes were extremely bloodied. The punch fractured the orbital of her right eye.

The entire violent incident was caught on an in-car video.

Since the incident, both parties have sought legal counsel and Shepherd was placed on paid administrative leave.

The Washington State Patrol investigated the situation and declared that the officer’s actions fell in line with training and policy because Durden-Bosley struck him. The King County prosecutor reviewed the evidence and determined there was not enough to prove the punch was unreasonable.

Shepard will be allowed to resume his full duties as an officer of the law, paid to protect the public, once an internal investigation has reached a conclusion with regards to their pro-police findings.


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13 thoughts on “Seattle Officer Faces No Charges After Punching Handcuffed Woman

  1. specialt757 on said:

    You know what? I agree with everyone out here who says white people are treated differently than black people when it comes to crimes. Dave Chappell did a funny ass skit about it on his Comedy Central show years ago, hilarious and all so true!. So that can’t be denied. But how about blacks who commit crimes or deal with the police in any manner be responsible for their own behavior. You want to make a change in how the law looks at us, get your ass out to the polls and VOTE.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    While I agree he could have tazed her, he could have also did what he did. I saw the video, she was clearly out of line. Maybe lil Ms. 23 y.o. will think twice the next time. At least she’s not dead, the outcome may have been different if it were a white cop.

    • specialt757 on said:

      But why? When I was 23 y.o. I would have never thought to kick a cop nor was I ever outside of a man’s house intoxicated and belligerent. Had the “unidentified man” who lived at this house had hit her in the eye, he’d be in jail or worse because of her bad behavior. Respect is not automatic it’s earned, she didn’t earn it.

    • Mac Ben on said:

      The use of force is a graduated process. That is, things happen in order. Unarmed self-defense (kicking, punching…) is second, only to verbal persuasion- which clearly did not work. Batons, pepper-spray, tasers, working dogs and firearms are the other options in kind. He followed that protocol. That bi t c h was out of line. I have seen plenty of videos of out-of-line white women getting socked in the jaw by police. It is an authorized use of force.

  3. Another example of Blacks Folks having problems of obeying police officers.. Where are the Brother and Sisters ? How about teaching our folks to behave.

  4. Neal Charles on said:

    The white guy that ambush the two state troopers killing one and injuring the other trooper. One and a half months later he was apprehended and walked into the jail house. Close your eyes and imagine if he were black. Got the picture?

    • Candygirl81 on said:

      I agree with you Neal. Its the difference in treatment that people are mad at. When you are white, its alright. Black is another story. Fall in line or end up dead or beat up. Had a civilian man punched a woman like that whether she kicked him or not, he would have went to jail on an abuse charge. Sad world we live in.

  5. Before the Race baiters make azzes of them selves be aware the officer was also black, nice of BAW to point that out, perhaps in high schools we need to start educating black teens that if you assault police you are going to get hurt

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