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Michael Sam may not be playing in the NFL now, but that isn’t because he’s gay. Is it?

Talking with, the free agent seemed to imply that it could be the case for why he’s not on an NFL roster or practice squad. Or maybe it’s just a case of him no longer having skills to remain in the league.

“I think I was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year last year, so I don’t think it had to do with that,” Sam told TMZ.

Who knows the exact reason why Sam isn’t playing right now. It could be a number of things, ranging from his lack of size for an NFL defensive lineman or tremendous speed, not to mention the fact that he doesn’t contribute on special teams.

So what say you? Could Sam be on to something or is it something else entirely? Check out Sam’s chat with TMZ and sound off above.

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(Photo/Video Source: TMZ)