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Mary J. Blige set off a flood of conversation when she spilled the beans about a pact she made with her husband to not have any friends of the opposite sex.

So much so that the hip-hop soul queen clarified what she meant on “The Wendy Williams Show.” According to Blige, her comments got blown up after they were taken out of context and doesn’t have anything to do with the female friends her better half had before they got married.

“There was more said than that. That thing was taken totally out of context,” Blige told Wendy Williams. “He’s had friends before he’s known me. And I know all of his female friends. They’re like his sisters so we’re all family. But any of these new chicks and all of this new stuff…(makes a swatting /”get out of here” motion.) And if they are new, we’ll all make friends. We’ll all be friends.”

Blige also confessed to identifying with Amy Winehouse’s struggle with drugs and alcohol as well as admiring her for being open and honest about her struggle. Winehouse famously referenced her troubles in her hit song “Rehab.”

When asked how she managed to get clean without rehab, Blige told Williams, “I’m real with myself. I’m hard. I do the hard stuff first. I pray and I really look at what I need to do to take responsibly.”

“And that’s the hard part when you look at what you’re doing wrong, continued the singer, who mentioned that she’d felt like just as she was coming out of that hell, Winehouse was walking into it. “And that’s why I think people need or want to go see a doctor to get to the part where they say, ‘It’s me. I’m responsible for this.’ I’m not afraid to say that. Because you’ll end up stuck and in denial if you don’t do that.”

During the interview, Blige also revealed that she had to stop socially drinking because it didn’t work upon realizing she was overdoing it.

As for whether she makes a big deal out of her upcoming anniversary, Blige kept it humble while being thankful for her husband staying with her all these years.

“I’m just happy that my man is still with me and he’s had the courage to stay with me,” she said.” I’m grateful for that.”

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One thought on “Mary J. Blige Clears Up That No Female Friends Comment About Her Husband

  1. I said it. on said:

    Everything understood doesn’t need to be explained. That’s her husband and however they handle their marriage is up to them.

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