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Chris Brown took to his Instagram to finally open up about the tragedy of Michael Brown’s murderer, Darren Wilson not getting indicted by the grand jury. Many celebrities have offered their words of hope, pain and fear, but the “Post To Be” singer showed us one of the most vulnerable sides of him since his tearful Michael Jackson tribute performance in 2010. “We as a black community and me as a young black troubled individual need justice to be done,” Brown admitted on his Instagram.

Even if you enjoy his music and his dancing makes you smile, there’s no denying that Chris Brown is indeed troubled. But at least now, we can say he’s admitted it. There’s not one of us who can claim perfection. And without dragging you through a timeline of the plethora of “troubled individual” actions Brown’s committed, let’s just focus on him taking a stance in a racial injustice that’s plagued his specific demographic for decades, maybe even centuries, and let’s also congratulate Brown on this type of self realization he was vulnerable enough to publicly share.

This tragedy has shaken many of us and now is the time to stand together to get the attention we need from the government so that there’s ways to ease the tensions between law enforcement and people of color. Celebrities stand on a large platforms and they’re able to reach millions of people within seconds via social media.

I’ve seen Chris Brown posts pop up on my Instagram feed that had only been live for two minutes and that very photo would already amass over 5,000 likes. Chris Brown’s heartfelt post on Michael Brown has already gained over 177,000 likes and at the time of the publishing of this post, it’s only been live four hours. That’s a lot of awareness beauties. And yes, Chris Brown is who he is and has done what he’s done, but now is not the time to demonize another Black man, especially when he’s using his spotlight to shine it on this terrible injustice against Michael Brown.

What do you think about Breezy’s vulnerable share? Sound off in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Chris Brown Calls Himself A ‘Young Black Troubled Individual’ In Darren Wilson Reaction

  1. What the fuck you are doing on a black website of you hate black people that much, if you hate black people that much why do you watch football when 80% of players are black men?

    • Laughing on said:

      If you are going to say people are out of their minds, then at least explain yourself clearly. You are correct. Of course, if you want to kill Blacks and be a part of the KKK, then become a cop. You get protection and a free pass to kill. However, I wonder could a Black cop or Black cops kill just as much and get away with it? The problem is that Blacks don’t realize that they are target practice. Why are you allowing your sons to walk the streets at night? Get real. Grow up. Things haven’t changed all that much. Eye for an eye and get out of the streets marching. Marching is so lame now. For the White man or whatever hell you call yourself, I am not upset over the verdict. I am upset over the Blacks who are wasting time marching. His parents know what to do.

      • True True on said:

        If people want to march let them march. Besides from the Mike Brown case, people could have there own personal reasons for doing what they are doing. I don’t understand why their marching would be upsetting to you. I’d rather see them peacefully protest than to fight fire with fire.

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