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Wendy Williams was added to the Aaliyah biopic as an executive producer over the summer. And ever since, she’s been promoting the heck out of the biopic.

And she’s been justifying the portrayal of R. Kelly and Aaliyah‘s relationship and alleged secret marriage in the biopic as well.

But no one should expect anything less from Williams — she’s the queen of celebrity gossip and spilling the tea on celebrities all day and everyday.

Therefore, “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B” will focus heavily on not only her music, but her personal life. Maybe, the biopic will focus even more on the latter — knowing Williams.

As we’ve reported, the film stars Alexandra Shipp in the title role and Jackie Long as her controversial love interest and music mentor — R. Kelly.

“This movie is the first movie we’ve produced and it’s a very big deal. I was not originally apart of the production of this movie but you know when I do ‘Hot Topics,’ I’m just an observer like you,” Williams said. “We sometimes tend to criticize except I have a purple chair. So the Aaliyah movie was already being produced and announced and everything and they wanted girls…anyway they were doing things wrong.”

She added, “I was like, ‘Look, if you’re going to make this Aaliyah movie, you gotta get it right, Lifetime. I love you, you’re good at wives who stab their husbands movies, but you gotta get this Aaliyah movie right.’ I was very popular on the radio for Aaliyah’s rise and untimely death. I want to hear about R. Kelly. I want to hear about Missy Elliott. I wanna not just hear about R. Kelly. Don’t skate over it.”

She continued with, “this needs to be a big plot line. I want to know what her father said when 16-year-old Aaliyah brought home a 28-year-old man. I want to know what her mother said. I want to know what her brother said. How did Aaliyah get started? And how did this R. Kelly thing affect her career?”

“Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B” will premiere on Lifetime on Saturday, Nov. 15, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET.

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18 thoughts on “Wendy Williams on Aaliyah and R. Kelly’s Relationship: ‘Don’t Skate Over It’

  1. Leave it alone on said:

    Please let Aaliyah rest in peace and respect her families wishes. Don’t film this project …it’ still too soon. 13 years are like 13 minutes for a grieving parent!

  2. Crystal on said:

    Wendy said that Simon ( of xfactor) had questionable morale because he slept with his then best friend’s wife. I agree that is despicable. But it is also despicable to continue filming this movie even the parents were against it. She could care less of others feelings. Wendy needs to realize that not everybody’s business needs to be apart of her hot topics. That is why some individuals keep lives private. Something bad is going to fall on her path and she will know how it feels when all her business is aired.

  3. VH1 did Aaliyah’s story on Behind the Music not long after her death. There was a copy of the
    marriage license shown on the program. Her parents found out and had it annulled. You can assume how her parents reacted. Who needs Wendy’s movie to verify that. RIP Aaliyah.

  4. sweetpea on said:

    Wendy Williams, why are you worrying about someone else relationship that was a long time ago. Let Aaliyah rest in peace. Talk about something else please. Sweetheart worry about your life and get it right with God, and leave Aaliyah and R-Kelly relationship along please. I am not hating just to let you know. One more thing why are you still in the pass about the marriage, let it say in the pass. Talk about something else. Thanks

  5. I guess Aaliyah’s, parents were ok with her bringing home a 28 year man, they never pressed charges, this reminds me of Priscilla Presley, this woman was only 14 years old, when Elvis Presley, was 28 years old, this is so sad, that these parents chose to sell their children to the devil, for money.

  6. Wtf @Wendell Williams on said:

    What does Wendell Williams know about R Kelly and Aaliyah’s life? Hmmmmm? NOTHING but hearsay! She wasn’t there to listen or see what went down!

  7. Its not factual that R. Kelly married a 16 year old girl??? I can’t stand how fans stand by that pedophile and disgusting man. She was young girl that was taken advantage of. Expose him for what he is!

    • I said it. on said:

      Okay, let me say this and I know that I will probably get flack back, but …

      In some modern countries it isn’t illegal to marry someone at the age of 16. It wouldn’t have been illegal for Kelly to marry Aaliyah with her parents consent in most states in the United States. We use the word pedophile and bully too freely in this country.

    • I said it. on said:

      In Massachusetts the legal age to marry is 12 with consent; Pennsylvania, 14; New Hampshire, 13; and in Georgia and Hawaii, 15.

      My point is marrying Aaliyah didn’t make him a pedophile, or Aaliyah a helpless prey.

      • Timekeeper on said:

        I said it” Again, you are 100% correct. We are such in a big hurry to call somebody out of their name and call them something. I guess it makes some people think better about themselves.

      • Tiffanyy on said:

        While these may be correct ages of these states in most cases they would need both parental and judicial consent and in PA for the age of 14 the girl would have to be pregnant and receive special consent from an Orphan judge. it’s not like these young kids can just walk in an say I’m in love I want to get married. People call R. Kelly a pedophile because he has displayed a repeated tendency to target young girls for sexual reasons. These girls do not have permission from their parents or a judge to sleep with him. It is believed that when Aliyah’s parents discovered she was married they had the marriage annulled.

      • I said it. on said:

        With consent is a clause that does not change the ages that are allowable, only the circumstances. A choice was made by Aaliyah. Biographies are suppose to be factual. Wendy wants sensationalism. To speculate that Aaliyah was manipulated is dishonest and not factual. She, her family, nor Robert spoke about it. How would we know.

        I know a woman who was 16 when she met her husband who was 21. They married when she turned 17. She wanted to get out of the house. The man wasn’t a pedophile. The girl was making a conscientious decision to see him and marry him. They

  8. I understand Wendy Williams position and job but there is always a fine line. If family and friends are not supportive of this aspect of her life being revisited, discussed, “revealed” then why is it so pressing for Wendy William? How does this changer her family as well as R. Kelly’s family and career especially if it’s speculation and not factual.

  9. I said it. on said:

    Hopefully, it will be objective. Was she spending a lot of alone time with him? If so why? Also, what happened between their divorce and the following album? Biographies are suppose to be factual. If no one is talking, how can they broach this subject and hold to this?

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