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Once again Stacey Dash fans the flames of controversy as she airs out her belief that President Barack Obama hasn’t done much, if anything, to help minorities.

In Dash’s eyes, the commander-in-chief has fallen way short.

“No, not at all,” the “Clueless” star replied when asked if electing Obama had helped the minority community.

“It still keeps them stuck. They are getting money for free,” Dash said during an appearance Tuesday on “Hannity.” “They feel worthless. They are uneducated.”

Obama wasn’t Dash’s only target. She also went in on Democrats, saying that feelings of worthlessness and being uneducated are actually the intention of the political party.

“I mean, as long as you are that way, they (Democrats) can keep you under their control,” Dash told host Sean Hannity. Despite getting a chance to clarify what could easily come across as inflammatory remarks, noted that Dash stuck to her guns with claims that Democrats have a “plantation mentality” in thinking they can buy the minority vote in exchange for social and welfare services.

Needless to say, the Fox News guest commentator’s comments did not go over well with some viewers as an instant backlash resulted online. While some people labeled Dash an “Uncle Tom,” others chose more colorful language to voice their opinion of the entertainer.

Dash’s remarks are the latest in a string of controversial happenings for her since she started working for Fox News about six months ago. Dash, a former Obama supporter, immediately started making her presence known when she ignited a strong online backlash upon tweeting an endorsement of GOP nominee Mitt Romney for president in October 2012.

She continued to raise eyebrows with criticism for “Hollywood hypocrites” as well as questions raised regarding Jay Z and Beyoncé’s trip to Cuba.

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69 thoughts on “Stacey Dash: Blacks Are ‘Uneducated’ and ‘Feel Worththless’ Under Pres. Obama

  1. This woman is crazy, her husband is White and now she is trying to disassociate herself from Black people by attacking her own race, to get paid. What a sellout. Yes, there is some AA’s who are on Government assistance; however, there are more White people on Welfare than Blacks. She needs to do her research. President Obama Keep Kicking ASS!

  2. Obijuankenobi on said:

    There should be a Law in America that says if you don’t vote you got to jail for a week and a fine of $250. If that happens you will see a change in America’s Political spectrum and guess who will be in the driver’s seat us. P.S. they do this in some European country .

  3. Obijuankenobi on said:

    The Problem in the black community is they don’t vote and love to complain about what the government has not done . this woman don’t know what she talking about . she needs a history lesson .

  4. Using her own quotes I offer the following (emphasis added): “It still keeps THEM stuck… THEY are getting money for free… THEY feel worthless… THEY are uneducated.” Stacey, I know this may be a big shock to you, but… hmmm, how should I say this? Uh, YOU’RE A MINORITY!!! I know you don’t want to believe it, but it’s absolutely true! So in essence, when you say THEY feel worthless, THEY are uneducated, you’re talking about yourself as well. So don’t think for a New York minute that your Republican buddies view you any differently than they do the rest of us poor, worthless, uneducated Negroes. It’s one thing to have a different opinion or political viewpoint, but you are truly suffering from a delusional break, and you know what that makes you right? CLUELESS!!!

  5. Uh…she put on her clothes long enough to make an unformed comment. She is “clueless” about everyday blacks and should go sit her azz down somewhere

  6. Stacey Dash needs to stfu!!!!!

    First of all, ALL Black folks are not un-educated!

    Although my parents could not afford to send me to college, I did graduate from high-school. I have served my country by doing three yrs in the military and I have been employed in a Federal gov’t job for almost twenty-five years.

    As for being worse off under this President, not really.

    If the Congress/Senate would stop being obstructionists as well as RACIST, then maybe the President could get more of his agenda accomplished.

    I have been proud to be a person of color under President Barack Hussein Obama.

    I have and do feel empowered by him and his beautiful wife, Michelle.

    The election of the first African-American President should serve as a role model to all of our children-that they too can one day hold the highest office in the country if they strive for it!!!!!

  7. African American woman on said:

    Vghost, you are right in the ball! Just think how far black people would be socially, culturally, community-wise and most importantly, economically, if we took responsibility for ourselves instead of trying to make the same white men too many of us blame for “keeping us down”, responsible for lifting us up. How is that type of thinking ever going to change anything?

  8. I agree with her on every point! We blame everyone except ourselves for the plight of the inner city when we allow the the criminality, the pimping etc to go on. As one of my black brothers said to me “you got no game” because I don’t buy into the so called main stream black culture (whatever that is). I don’t want a “HO”, I want a woman to share my life with. I don’t need to listen to Beyonce and Jay z give our youth mixed messages. We black people need to be very critical of any black person who tells us what to think. Don’t buy into the BS that we are handed everyday by our so called leaders who just like the white man is in it for him/herself. The haters on this link who call her an uncle tom are themselves fools because they are buying into the notion that we are all the same. White people have chosen our leaders for us and when they want our opinion they will tell us what it is. By the way who does mainstream (white media) go to when they want to know what black people are thinking? Sharpton or Jackson and my next question is, who elected them to lead anything? My advice to any young black person is this. THINK FOR YOURSELF! That is easier said than done because peer pressure is a bitch.

  9. Who is she? A former video viken & a airhead on Clueless. Yeah, nice contributions to black culture. Please stop talking about her!!!!

  10. Under EVERY single measurement of progress …. African Americans and Latinos have fallen even further behind under Obama. Every single measurement from Economic through our standard of living has gotten much worse under Obama ……

    Stacy Dash is right, but many are blind to the cold hard facts of reality and choose to be deceived by this administration. Obama has done a great job of distracting us away from his failures by creating anger and racial animosities.

  11. African American woman on said:

    Alberta, Sounds like you spent time in the middle East watching Muslims and Isis first hand since you seem to be the expert on their motives. Seems ignorance is renting your brain and, girlfriend, you need to serve those eviction papers.

  12. African American woman on said:

    Alberta, the news in this country gives a one-sided view of our so-called “enemies.” This country has a long history of pillaging other lands and it’s people; taking their lands and killing communities in the name of money and resources. So I would believe that any group or people that so-called hate this country have a million reasons as to why.

    • Robert Knight on said:

      Sounds like you have spent a lot of time in a American University. Its funny how the university still wanted to charge you a small fortune to pound that garbage into your head.

      • Nancy Cruz on said:

        The US has done more than any country in the entire World ever in helping people rise up out of poverty and capitalism has raised more people out of poverty than any other form of system.

        You have been deceived into hating the US ….

  13. We need to understand that politicians are not God. Understand that man can change laws whenever they want including Barack Obama..We don’t know what the future holds for us in this country but from what I see & hear there’s a lot of clues…I’m not sure if we want to know what’s up the road. What if some tyrant tries to get rid of Civil Rights or change our Constitution to suit a certain group interest? We must learn to take God’s Word to heart trust in what he said regardless what man may do. In my state tyrants have butchered the Educational system teachers pay for a lot things…it affects everybody Black & white, Latino, Asian etc…everybody.

  14. MundusVoldecipi on said:

    Black people are loyal to the Democratic party regardless of who is the president. It could have been Hillary or Biden, it doesn’t matter. It’s unfair to say it is only because of President Obama. The loyalty is real in spite of the unemployment rate, lack of services, or failed promises. Check out the track records of Democratic leadership in cities across America and see how concerned they are about Blacks.

  15. African American woman on said:

    Freeordie, I am so relieved to see another BLACK person wgo isnt afraid to confront the issues that are decimating the BLACK community. I am so sick of the yeah we keep killing each other, tearing down our neighborhoods, filling up the prisons, selling drugs and having babies with absolutely no intention of raising them but white people do this argument. Its ridiculous thay we don’t want to focus and work on the issues that continue to plague US! I keep hearing the white man keeps us down, the government keeps us down, the police keeps us down, cookie monster is a closet racist (lol) blah blah blah all the time. Do any of the perpetual victims realize that you are adults, there is no master, no plantations and lo and behold, look down! Aha! No chains. Unchain your mind and your slave mentalities and we can become a strong, educated,conscientious and wealth growing people. If you think you are a victimized weak enslaved victim, then you are and will act as such

  16. Marcus on said:

    Bill O’Reilly asked Dr. Charles Krauthammer why, despite low approval nationwide, Obama still maintains over 80% approval in the black community. Krauthammer, in my opinion sympathetically, chalked up Obama’s high approval among blacks to racial pride and loyalty. Krauthammer pointed out that ethnic groups tend to be loyal to each other and that in the same way, you would see the gay community rally around the first gay president.

    While I understand where Krauthammer and black America are “coming from” (my ’70s lingo), as an American who happens to be black, I cannot give black folks a pass who are willing to follow Obama to hell because of racial loyalty and America’s past sins. It is just plain wrong.

    Krauthammer further defended his understanding of why blacks are loyal to Obama. He said there are blacks still alive today who experienced racism in America. In various articles, I have talked about the horrific racism that my 86-year-old black dad suffered. So I get it.

    A white friend said, “Well, I guess I can give your dad’s generation and even yours a pass for staying loyal to Obama.” My retort was, “No, there is no acceptable excuse for continuing to follow Obama as he takes our country over a cliff.”

    The image that comes to mind is Obama dressed as a pied piper – playing a seductive tune, leading black Americans to their deaths, drowned in a river. Blacks are suffering big-time under Obama.

    I am sorry, folks. But there comes a time when the America-did-us-wrong excuse simply is not good enough. We are all Americans. It is morally right and our patriotic duty to lay aside resentments and racial, sexual, and gender loyalties and do whatever is best for our country. While I respect Dr. Krauthammer, I cannot give black America a sympathetic pass for taking the low road.

    C’mon, black America. We are better than that.

    I keep coming back to white America’s pattern of expecting less of black Americans because of slavery. I just want to scream, “Stop it!” There are many rock-solid right-thinking, responsible blacks out there – fully capable, willing, and able to stand on their own two feet without government handouts or special concessions due to their race. And yet, such blacks are purposely kept in the shadows by Democrats and the mainstream media.

    Rather than pandering to blacks, giving them a pass for placing loyalty to skin color above their country, how about holding them to a higher standard as equal Americans?

    Where are the leaders out there boldly celebrating America, educating blacks about the great sacrifices that were made in the battle to emancipate blacks? Over 600,000 Americans died in the Civil War, in which slavery was a huge issue. Where are the people explaining to blacks why they should be grateful and proud to be Americans?

    Insidiously, there are those who believe that America’s debt for slavery will never be paid. It’s the gift that keeps on giving to liberals and race exploiters.

    With the surge of liberalism under Obama, I would not put it past our emboldened liberal public-school system to come out of the closet and be honest about what they have being teaching our kids for decades. Don’t be surprised to see all students K through 12 required to take yearly installments of a course titled “Why you should hate your country.” White students seeking extra credit may take “White Guilt 101.” Black students are mandated to take “Why I am forever a victim of racist white America.”

    A Fox News poll says 58% of voters believe our country is “going to hell in a hand-basket.” We are a nation in crisis.

    The Democratic Party and the mainstream media are notorious for masterfully encouraging Americans to segregate themselves into victimized voting blocs – blacks, Hispanics, women, the class-envious, homosexuals, and so on. This enables Democrats to deceive each group to use their votes for Democrats as currency. It’s protection money against their supposed Republican, rich, white, racist, sexist, and homophobic oppressors.

    Thanks to our reluctant warrior Commander-in-Chief, we are losing the war against ISIS. Obama has allowed over 60,000 illegals to stroll across our southern border, infecting Americans – among them our kids – with various contagious viruses, with no end in sight.

    Allow me to remind you that when he was a senator in Illinois, to secure the radical feminist vote, Obama voted against legislation three times that would stop the barbaric practice of forcing hospitals to leave babies who survived abortions out to die (the Born Alive Infant Protection Act).

    Common sense has led several countries to restrict flights from West African countries. We are further witnessing Obama’s trademark cold, calculating political posturing with his refusal to block flights from the Ebola hot zone.

    Rush Limbaugh reminded us that Ronald Reagan said that the Soviet Union would eventually implode because of the weight of its own immorality.

    I thought, oh my gosh, we are witnessing the implosion of the Obama presidency for the very same reason: his immorality. This is a man who uses every governmental agency at his disposal to punish his opposition and bully Americans into submission. His immorality includes being an award-winning serial liar.

    The stakes are far too high to give black Americans an understanding pat on the back for circling the wagons around a failed presidency.

    My fellow Americans, regardless of race, color, or creed, we must come together – one nation under God, united and unhyphenated – to do whatever politically necessary to heal our land. Because first and foremost, we are Americans.

  17. African American woman on said:

    Joy, I don’t understand why she’s being used as a “tool?” Is it because she spoke her truth? Although you may not agree, it’s her truth. All black folks are not sheep. We have different views, different upbringing, different lifestyles, different professional backgrounds, etc… everyone, even black folks, have the right to own their own truth.

    • @AA: If you don’t think she’s being used as a tool (even though she’s being paid); then good for you. I agree with you that every one has differing views. Intelligent people know that all Black people don’t think a like….no more than any other group does. Stacey definitely has the right to think anything she wants to. However I’m sticking by my opinion (and we all have one) that she’s a (paid) tool…..just like lots of other pundits

  18. African American woman on said:

    RL. Wonderful for you. Clap clap. Just like I said,SOME of us black folks, you just gave me an example of ONE seemingly successful black person. What I clearly said was every time a black person calls out the behaviors of SOME of us black folk, people like you run right to what white people do. Its almost like you can’t deal with the fact that too many if us are failing themselves, their communities, their children and families. You can continue to ignore that, but that won’t make it go away no matter how many white pedophiles you find.

  19. African American woman on said:

    Well Tim, since you obviously dont have the capacity to make a coherent argument; im just going to ignore you for more intelligent people. Have fun posting completely nothing!

  20. By the way isn’t she the girl that got started by getting butt naked in movies? And then she disappeared for a looooooong time! She needs to disappear again!! LOL LOL

  21. Home girl is earning those benjamins they’re paying her. Nothing more than PURE ENTERTAINMENT. Any one that takes her seriously needs their heads examined. Hey….she’s got to make a living just like every one else. If FOX listeners take her seriously…..then that’s on them.

  22. African American woman on said:

    Tim, I am an African-American woman. Im also a person who can put together a coherent “rant” as you say. Funny, you just typed a long paragraph about absolutely nothing. What issue/s do you have with what I said? Nothing in your “rant” clearly defined anything.

  23. Darnell Reed on said:

    As a black woman I agree with Stacy Dash. It is a shame that other blacks have problems with blacks who happen to be republicans. Just because you are black don’t mean you have to agree politically or socially. The democrats could care less about black people. We are just an easy vote to them.

    • @Darnell: I agree she can be a Dem, Repub, Independent, or whatever she wants….that’s her right. The correct term is ‘couldn’t (as in could not) care less.’ Just as it’s ok for her to be pimped by the right. Oh well….at least she’s getting a paycheck; which I suspect is really her ulterior motive.

    • nmaat433 on said:

      I for one, don’t have a problem with blacks who choose to vote Republican, as I see both parties as the flip side of the same evil coin-but what irks me is the patronizing & contemptuous tone she uses–calling those black people who are dems–uneducated–as if she is not. I’m one of those black people who believe that the current political & economic system was created to always keep black people in a perpetual state of slavery, whether physical or mental–and as such, will never be our salvation so I’m not one criticizing Stacey Dash b/c I blindly support Obama. Quite the opposite. I’m one of those black people who believes that if MLK or Malcolm were here today, they would be criticizing Obama’s policies b/c they are in fact, nothing but a continuation of the Clinton & Bush policies–but too many black people fail to see it thru the fog of ‘racial solidarity & circling the wagons’. Obama has gotten away with atrocities that would have NEVER been quietly accepted under a white prez. I don’t care what anybody says. Gitmo is STILL open, the NDAA was passed with nary a word or protest, Africa is being re-colonized via AFRICOM with nary a word, the CBC has been effectively neutered, and black people because of our implied agreement because MOST of us DON’T say anything–have basically signed onto this madness & decimated the role of this countrie’s moral compass. It’s sad and disgusting that black people who are still publicly committed to JUSTICE and the ideals that this country has NEVER lived up to–are villified and reduced to childish euphemisms like ‘haters’. Well, I AM a hater–a hater of injustice, of hypocrisy, of imperialism (even in black face), of bullying, of wholesale & systemic oppression & I will speak out against it where ever it is practiced & BY WHOM EVER practices it. Obama & those in the shadows who pull his strings have pulled a bait & switch on black people. The fairy dust will at some point wear off and those of us who have spoken out against this president actual RECORD, will try to refrain from saying, “I TOLD YOU SO..” though I consider myself savvy enough to know that there ain’t a flip of difference between the repubs or dems (they are both beholden to their masters–big biz & the criminal cartel bankers who finance them BOTH)…I know SOME of our people will lump me in with the Stacey Dash’s b/c I call out Obama’s apparent disdain for the very same people who are defending him blindly. History will show who was bamboozled and who was aware. White supremacy has just updated it’s playbook here to align to what they have been doing in Africa for awhile–putting a black face on imperialism. I suggest that people read or re-read Franz Fanon’s “Black Skin, White Masks”.

    • @Freeordie: A resounding NO!! I don’t think she’s being pimped because she disagrees with President Obama. I’m not going to explain on this forum why (I think) she’s being pimped. In the bigger realm of things……it’s really not that important

  24. She makes some good points , the thing that makes me laugh is if a Republican had been in the white house she would be getting high fives saying anything negative about this president gets you Racist status if your white and Tom/sellout if your black she must learn to stay on the plantation and say only kindness and coddles for POTUS even if AA status in this country teeters on the edge of extinction

  25. BuffaloSoldier on said:

    I was surprise to hear that she is “Black” she is White woman to me . Her husband is White her children are White. All this stuff of labeling anyone that has 1/32 ,1/16/ 1/8/ 1/4, 1/2 as African American is just insane….

  26. We getting money for free? Did we get reparations and somebody forgot to tell me? This chick is dumb as hell and sinking fast. She’s gonna burn bridges she’s gonna need one day. Watch.

  27. African American woman on said:

    RL, you do the same thing our community sadly does when confronted with too many of our negative behaviors; you start listing stats on white folks. Are you that weak that you cannot stand to talk about the behaviors we display that cause detriment to out people? How is pointing out stats about white people going to help us get back to the values we used to have that kept us a strong, surviving and thriving people for so long after slavery tried to decimate us. We used to not have excuses for not getting an education, for parents to take care of and actually raise their children with values and morals and not tolerate the nonsense that too many of us partake in. Why dont you talk about it rather than ignore it and start going na na na na na naaaaa, look what I can write.

    • Sounds like to me you talking out of both mouths??? Let me get this straight are you for black pride or for white pride?? lol
      As usual you identify yourself as a AA woman which makes me wonder about that. So by identify yourself as an AA woman that somehow gives your rant credibility?? lol

      Thanks for the laughs AA or whoever you are! Save that violin message for

    • WOW! touched a nerve I see? Well since you called me out let me address your message, Hmmm let’s see, having owned several companies the last 15 years employing over 400 workers across the USA. One of the few business owners that offers ex prisoners the opportunity to work for a decent wage. What else? Ohhh a mentoring foundation that mentors to low income black youths in Atlanta without a cent from outside donations. Did I mention buying 2 rundown apartment complexes in SW Atl and turning them into luxurious apartment homes for individuals who were once living in some of the worse apts in Atlanta. Not to mention a sponsor of Deion Sander’s Prime Prep Academy sending young men to college who never dreamed of ever pursuing higher education.

      You see for every stat you stated about being uneducated, not taking care of his family, and the criminal behavior…..I could give you the names of individuals 5x who are handling their business. Media doesn’t have them on the news…I wonder why? Fear and hate sell papers not love and success

      So to summarize my sista, I’m on the program trying to offer solutions for MY people not being on the wagon that talks about it and doesn’t do a damn thing about it! Check out my company in BE 100’s earlier this year you may just like the read.

  28. I said it. on said:

    Stacey heard that they are thinking of doing a Clueless reunion movie and wants to stay in character. She forgets that her statement includes she and her kids.

  29. Timekeeper on said:

    What Stacey Dash is doing is nothing new. To someone’s earlier point about how much she is getting paid. Faux will pay any amount of money to have a Negro say these kinds of things. It eases their ( racist) conscious and allows them to justify their bigoted thoughts. Think of it, How much would you pay in order to sleep at night”? This is what people like her do for them. Its better than having a trophy wife!
    There is no shortage of colored folks ready to spew these kinds of thoughts. It is the biggest unfortunate carry over taken form the days of slavery that we have, never, ever been able to eradicate. There are plenty of problems that people of color have, no doubt. We all know that. Many upstanding black men and women work hard every single day for us to get better. Needless to say, It is a work in progress. In he meantime there are always going to be opportunists like Stacey , and plenty others who take the worst of everything and exploit it for their own gains and riches. But to white folks This is Gold! Now they can smile, go to bed and say See I’m not prejudice! YES, YOU ARE!!!

  30. Damita Barnes on said:

    I have one question how much is fox news paying her, clueless Blacks are not stupid, she never had anything to say until we have a black president.

  31. celeste on said:

    If this article hadn’t shown up on BAW I wouldn’t even know what Stacy Dash said. I’m black so are many of my friends we’re all pretty darn proud of our President, happy and healthy working and insured.

  32. African American woman on said:

    Black people may not like what she said, but its not far off from what many black people say about other black people. We use the N word, ig’nant, hood rat, ratchet, ghetto, etc.. to label these same people Dash is talking about. Also, it is true; Democrats couldn’t care less about any of their constituents, but as long as they provide handouts and expect 0 accountability, you can bet they will have voters, no matter what color they are. The folks who are “outraged” by her commentary are the same ones who agree with her, yet, they have an isssue with her putting it out there.

    • @AA: Actually the “ISSUE” is she’s allowing her self to be used as a tool. But hey…a girl has got to do; what a girl’s got to do….to get paid. Not saying she can’t have an opinion….but come on now…we all know she’s frontin’ with her ridiculous comments. I didn’t see the interview…did she say (SOME) Black people??…If so then I might half way take her seriously. Or did she just say Black people (and if so…there lies the problem)

  33. African American woman on said:

    Black people may not like what she said, but its not far off from what many black people say about other black people. We use the N word, ig’nant, hood rat, ratchet, ghetto, etc.. to label these same people Dash is talking about. Also, it is true; Democrats couldn’t care less about any of their constituents, but as long as they provide handouts and expect 0 accountability, you can bet they will have voters, no matter what color they are. The folks who are “outraged” by her commentary are the same ones who agree with her, yet, they have an I say with her putting it out there.

    • With all due respect AA woman…so because a few folks of color engage in inappropriate acts towards others you put every person of color in the same light? Okay analyze this was for me, according to statistics 87% of pedophiles are of the white persuasion, why don’t we just say the majority of white people are perverts and criminals….see how stupid and ignorant that sounds?

      Let me address your handouts claim that all blacks receive…I guess you’re not aware that 62% of welfare recipients are WHITE…last time I checked that definitely is a majority. The same folks who complain about affirmative action have no clue since the program was implemented by Pres Kennedy, the group that has benefited the most are “white women”.

      • Freeordie on said:

        The problem with you reasoning is you are comparing a large number of whites to smaller number of blacks
        Whites are about 70% of the population and blacks are about 14% of the population speaking only about murder blacks commit about 53% of murders and whites about 45% there is something wrong when black people are only 14% of the population but commit 53% of the murders.

  34. She’s going to continue making outrageous statements about blacks and the President to keep her job at FOX. She’s hoping that she’s going to make some good connections while she’s a FOX. We all know her acting career is pretty much dead. FOX is going to use her and kick her to the curb after President Obama’s term is over. She will be totally useless to FOX

      • @jhuf: No doubt Sharpton will be gone from MSNBC shortly after President Obama leaves office; if not before. So what. I don’t have a problem with Sharpton because if there’s room for the Hannitys, etc. in the world….then there’s room for Sharpton.

  35. Now does this silly woman believe she is besides dumb, uneducated, and ignorant. Nothing she’s said ever have any real meaning.

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