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Even though Erykah is worth an estimated $12 million, she still wanted to experience the struggle for herself by singing for change on the street. She found a prime spot in the Crossroads of the World and began singing her heart out, begging people to spare a few coins for her, and they did. Very few.

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All told, Erykah only earned about $3.60. She might have been a little more convincing had she not been dripping in jewelry, but that’s an observation in hindsight. She worked hard for that little bit of money that she did get as she chased people down, hounding them for some cash.

She may have only made “three dollars and six dimes” (“yeah you might laugh, cause you did not do your math”) but, if even Erykah, whose show tickets go for much higher than that, can’t even scrounge up enough money for a meal singing on the street, that says something powerful about the reality for thousands of Americans who ask for money as people pass them by every day.

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