Alexandra Shipp Discusses Aaliyah’s Impact On Black Women


After all the controversy over who would play Aaliyah in the forthcoming Lifetime biopic, actress Alexandra Shipp got the part. She talks to  “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” about how she got cast after Zendaya decided not to do the film.

Alexandra also discusses the impact Aaliyah had on Black women, and the challenges she faced playing such an influential young woman in music. Plus, hear what she said about R. Kelly reaching out to her, and what she really wants to know about him, and Aaliyah in this exclusive interview!

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3 thoughts on “Alexandra Shipp Discusses Aaliyah’s Impact On Black Women

  1. Nefertiti, ignore Antajuan. There is nothing wrong with being mixed. It is great to connect with Whites and Blacks. That is why Mariah Carey and Obama are successful. We don’t have to be Black. Just call ourselves Mixed.

  2. Nefertiti on said:

    Ummm Aaliyah or Beyonce isn’t mixed. Just because a black woman is pretty, successful, talented and happens to be light skinned doesn’t make them mixed. The definition of mixed is one who’s born to parents of 2 different races. Both Aaliyah and Beyonce parents are black. I’m so sick and tired of people trying to convince themselves that a black person that’s considered “acceptable” can’t possibly be all black. Do people do that with other races? No, so don’t do it with ours.

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