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America’s favorite doctor sets the record straight and discusses Breast Cancer awareness month and Warriors In Pink campaign.

Dr. Oz talked to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about all things breast cancer. He’s hosting breast cancer survivors this week and wants people to know that many women find breast cancers on their own, through self-examination, not mammography.

On talking about the risks of breast cancer with other women: 

“When you ask women do they talk to one another about it, they generally don’t. Mothers and daughters are awkward about it. That’s why a statistic came out that talking to each other in the car is a good way to do it, because you don’t have to make eye contact. It avoids the awkwardness. You don’t want to a admit you’re scared about it, but you do want to get the information.

On prevention:

There is no question that there are things that make a difference. When you put weight on, the extra fat cells aren’t just fat in the mirror. They also make hormones, in particular the kind of hormones that stimulate breast cancer. Just losing weight by itself is a great way to reduce your risk not just for breast cancers, but any of the key cancers.

If you want to lose weight anyway, this gives you another reason to do it.  Eat leafy green vegetables, broccoli in particular because it helps the liver resuscitate itself. When you cleanse the liver, the major detoxifying organ in the body, it can do a better job cleaning toxins from the body from food and water. And the longer a women goes from first menstruation to having a baby, the more increased risk she has for problems with the breast. So its important to be careful in your early years with exposure to toxins.

On the “Angelina Effect” – (Actress Angelina Jolie, whose mother died of breast cancer, had a double mastectomy when testing showed she was at high risk for breast cancer herself)

“All these women now realize you can find out what your risks are for getting cancer in your lifetime. Women are now able to track their family history for breast cancer using gene brackets.”

On fighting toxic pesticides:

We have a major new pesticide coming along in America and it goes along with the GMO (genetically modified organisms). There’s a new one that includes the pesticide Round Up and Agent Orange. There are thousands of schools close to where this  stuff is being sprayed and we don’t want them developing some of the possible complications that can come from that.  I’m more concerned about the pesticides than the GMO’s they are used on. You can click here to find out more. 

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