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Tasha Smith is starring in Zane’s new erotic novel turned steamy movie, Addicted but she’s not one of the stars who had to bare it all. That’s taken care of by Sharon Leal, Boris Kodjoe, Tyson Beckford and William Levy. 

“You would love to see me naked, but it’s not going to happen,” says Smith, who plays a therapist in the movie.

“I am a full-grown Black woman with real booty and real boobies and if I was naked in the movie, honey, I’m telling you, everybody may never be able to talk again because they’d be so mesmerized.”

Smith prepared for the role by talking to sex therapists and sitting in on some sex therapy sessions. She says that sex addiction, which the movie explores, definitely exists.

“It’s real, you guys. It’s just like drug addiction or alcohol addiction,” Smith says.

Kodjoe plays the cheated-on husband who can’t keep up with the demands of his wife, who is the one struggling with sex addiction.

“Who would have thought that Boris Kodjoe would be getting cheated on?” Smith says.

Smith says that aside from enjoying the “tasteful” sex scenes, movie viewers will come away with a better understanding of sex addiction and may be motivated to get the help they need.

“You guys are going to enjoy the movie. It’s entertaining, it’s sexy, but it has a heart. My character helps Zoe, played by Sharon Leal, deal with the sex addiction, and I think it’s going to help people get over the stigma over therapy and mental health.”

Addicted is in theaters on Friday.

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