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My husband derrick and i have been married for just over a year. We are a blended family of seven with 3 girls (16, 6, and 3) and 2 boys (11 and 4). I don’t know many people who consider the day they met as the day they started dating, but we do. Derrick met my daughter, oddly enough, on our first date. Within a month of our dating, i had met all of his children. From then on, we considered ourselves a family.

One could question if we were moving too fast, but we never let it stop us. Derrick has made a special place in his heart for my daughter, who was only 11 months old when we met. He is the only daddy that she knows.

When we got married, he moved from his home state of Mississippi.  The fact that our other children live in different states doesn’t stop him from being as active as he can in their lives. Be it bi-weekly visits or regular phone calls, derrick doesn’t let distance keep him from them.

Derrick also has a gift for making people laugh; he even tried his hand at stand-up comedy earlier this year performing at a local comedy club.

Tom, my husband recently retired from the U.S. Army in September after 20 years of service that included two deployments overseas.  Now, he wants to fix up his other baby, his Mustang Cobra GT.  It has been an on-going project for him, but i would love to see it up and running so that he can have a brand new experience to share with the children.

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