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A Florida woman who knew she should not have been driving an infant around without a car seat, topped that move with something even dumber. She had a passenger in her car place the baby in the trunk of the car. It wasn’t until cops heard the child’s cries coming from the trunk during a traffic, that she was arrested. On Wednesday she appeared in court and told the judge she had made a mistake, according to CBS Miami.

Broward County authorities said they initially tried to stop Breona Watkins for a broken headlight. But she didn’t immediately pull over. Instead, Watkins drove nearly a quarter-mile, according to the station.

Deputies said Watkins, 19, was trying to avoid getting a ticket for not having the baby in a car seat, so she told her 14-year-old passenger to hide the baby in the trunk before stopping.

Deputies said they didn’t realize the child was in the trunk until after they placed Watkins into a squad car for driving with no license. That’s when a deputy said he heard crying coming from the trunk and found the child.

Reports say the baby was found lying on top of or in close proximity of items that could have easily injured or killed her such as a large pair of bush cutting shears, a rusty metal hanger, a plastic CD case and a large rusted tire iron. Authorities also said there was a used gas can in the trunk of the car, a used fuel pump, plastic bags and many other hazardous materials.

During a custody hearing Wednesday, Watkins’ grandmother, who is trying to gain custody of the 5-month-old, said her granddaughter is a good mother and simply had a lapse in judgement.

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(Photo/Video Source: CBS Miami)

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14 thoughts on “Mom, 19, Hides Baby in Car Trunk to Avoid ‘No Child Seat’ Ticket [WATCH]

  1. Obviously she has a mental problem. I am sick and tired of mentally ill/personality disorder people having children. Even the child genetically has a great chance of being mentally ill.

  2. seriously on said:

    Well with a grandmother like this lady, how much can you really expect from her….I mean come on she had a busted taillight and no driver’s, the no car seat was the least of her problems, yet now her biggest problem. This baby doesn’t stand a chance between the grandmother and this woman. Hopefully child protective services and parenting classes will give this young mother more tools in parenting her child, because the grandmother’s wisdom is an anti-parenting agenda.

  3. BuffaloSoldier on said:

    This is so sad and leaves most of us Blacks wondering ..”What Is Wrong With Us?” …WE Blacks used to love our kids..our elders.. “What Is Wrong With Us”…..We need to get back to loving God…We need to get back to church.. All this is driven by the devil….. Amazing that we need a driver license to drive a car yet we don’t acquire parenting skills prior to having babies….. This Baby left in the trunks is a Human being guys!!!!!!

  4. Her grandmother who spoke on her behalf is an enabler. Saying she did what any child would do. WHy didn’t that woman purchase a car seat for the “child” with a baby? Wrong on so many levels

  5. americanize. on said:

    She doesn,t want to get a ticket for no child seat,but she,s driving with a busted head light,an no drivers license,an puts the infant in the trunk. What ever the consequences,she deserves it. smh. so sad.

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