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Why did Attorney General Eric Holder say goodbye to the Obama Administration at such a crucial time for the Department of Justice? The reality is – he got tired. Tired of explaining himself. Tired of explaining racial profiling or why voting is a fundamental right.

Tired of explaining why young Black men are being locked up at disproportionate numbers or why young Black men are being murdered by the police with no recourse. Tired of hearing the white establishment or the GOP, whatever you want to call them, try to convince us that’s it’s a matter of the police just doing their jobs.

Holder shouldn’t have to go on national television and explain his love for his son. He shouldn’t have to explain why every time he walks out the door, he has no idea if his son will return. Most members of Congress will never know that feeling. After almost six years, Holder got tired of dealing with the white man’s BS.

He was the first sitting member of a President’s cabinet in U.S. history to be held in contempt of Congress – over allegations related to the Fast and Furious investigation.

Holder got tired of a GOP that couldn’t see or wouldn’t see the strength of our ancestors; the foundation of American that made this country great. This country’s ancestors made their way with hard work, blood, sweat and tears. Many of them helped fight for the necessary changes that would help this country evolve, the very evolution some people in this country want to stop.

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20 thoughts on “Black Americans Should Be Sad About Eric Holder’s Resignation…But We Understand

  1. I said it. on said:

    You’re a day late, a dollar short, and missing a white hood, but we still saw you coming. If this is the best the KKK has to offer, they’d better go back to the section labeled white trash, and try again. Pitiful.

  2. Let’s starts some accountability here – after Holder took office, and had the ability to use his position to really make a difference for the African American race – did African Americans start changing? Did the crime committed by that race stop? Did they start working together along with other citizens for change? Take Ferguson, MO for example, he came here, started an investigation, implied guilt to a man before the legal process started, and insured everyone the truth would be found out, as it should be. What happened after that? Almost 2 months later and there are still nightly protests, with some protesters throwing rocks, shooting gunfire, blocking streets & businesses – because their DEMANDS aren’t being met. Possibly Holder became tired because after he assured everyone he would basically make sure a man was found guilty – they didn’t back him up and show that they wanted change? Everyone was listening – there was a chance to get real changes made on the issues of racial profiling and racial injustice – but instead, protesters kept banging their pots and driving off the support they did have when this all started. So Possibly he got tired of making excuses? Think about it – he had the chance to make real changes – but in his official capacity he also needed to watch over the rights of all citizens, not just a certain race. But the pat “he got tired” while implying its another races fault is an excuse that seems to work, so yeah, why not use it again, and again, and again.

  3. hubbub28 on said:

    It’s a damn shame Mr. Holder is leaving…but I had seen it coming for both him and our President. Both Mr. Holder and Mr. and Mrs. Obama both tried or are helping out our community as best they can. In fact if you go to the racist Yahoo comment boards “THEY” are happy as hell he is leaving. In a sense it is sickening because it not only whites that are happy, but other minorities that also feel that blacks deserve to die or we whine about our problems too much and they both feel that Mr. Holder is one of those blacks who pandering to his people who they both feel cause all the trouble in America. I don’t know about the rest of you but I feel Ferguson will be our people’s battle ground area. I remember that in his time in office Holder was monitoring radical home based terrorist the whites didn’t like that much or trying along with President to implement gun control laws to keep their crazy trigger happy asses in check. Cause let’s face it people, our people do bad which is true but cause the media like to show places like Chicago, LA, Detroit or New York as places of warring gangs of Blacks and even some Latinos bent on destroying one another or each other the whites and rest of the “other” minority races want to keep us either in check or eliminated altogether. Hell if we don’t watch out the mother fuckers will call us terrorist like Al-Qaeda or Isis because their recruits are Blacks, Latinos, and some Asians and some sick ass Whites. Our so called leaders in the black community don’t give a damn about us, they only care about money. Our culture has now become one of glorifying crime, wife beating, and drug use. Mr. Holder and our President was trying to help us but in a sense we failed. Let’s face it Mr. Brown was not a good seed which is true but he didn’t deserve to die like the way he did. And instead of protesting peacefully we rioted and looted our OWN neighborhood. Making the other idiots hate and fear us even more. Now that Mr. Holder is gone I fear what going to happen if we the people, (not the so called black leaders or “other” so called supporters of us) don’t fix this mess. I want the damn world know that we are a people not a damn menace to be eliminated or a problem to be “fixed”.

  4. PhillyEDlaw on said:

    I am proud of the vision and work of Eric Holder. Mr. Holder has laid the foundation for the next Obama nominee to continue the work of civil rights, justice and equity for all of us, who are citizens of the USA.

  5. True & Amen Lets not forget black men do crime too.. y’all know it’s true. so No it’s NOT OK when black youth loot or rob people..No it ain’t! and it’s not ok when the police profile arrest black men to meet a quota. additionally black people need to understand that some white people may not like them that includes police officers. That’s life & it’s Life when you don’t like certain groups either..ya know you do it. So point the finger back at yourselves. Don’t make God out to be a liar you know he ain’t! Some of you don’t like me & that’s Ok too. Lol

  6. Jacqueline Perry on said:

    We have got to make some changes in this country before we ruin the country, of course we are almost there.i think this had to do more with how his job was taken.not that it was right the way he handled it, but jobs can be cruel to and they can be the most difficult when it come to seeking justice, its not that easy to get help, pending on what it is.

  7. americanize. on said:

    I understand to any person who is not white and think they want to be AG or president this is what you will face every day your in office,dissrespect,won,t work with you on anything,we as black have to start doing for self. Maybe even separating from these people.

  8. i wasn’t sad. I got depressed! No! Not our guy Eric Holder. But i had to realize, his family isn’t safe. We know how demonic some of these white people can be. We think ISIL is a problem over here. Let’s not forget our history, and our story today too with the executions, street-style, of our black men, not unlike the public lynchings that white folks packed a picnic lunch for and watched along with their children. Our USAG Eric Holder will hold a special place in history and in our hearts and minds along with our illustrious President Barak Obama who appointed the right man to the USAG position. We love you two men and we are beholding to you for putting the truth out for the world to see. It’s no longer being covered up. I remember the Bible scripture that goes like…. fret not because of evildoers….. and …. as ye sew…. It’s real now and it’s reaping season.

  9. I never thought EH would do anything bc he’s married to a WW, and I have no respect for BM that R. After educating myself on EH, I was wrong! It seems 2 me he’s a force 2 B wrecken with. I just do not understand Y BM think the Woman that gave him life is not worthy of his love!

    • Timekeeper on said:

      What’s really sad is not Eric Holder leaving, but the complete and utter narrow-mindedness of your statement. Sarah Palin Michelle Bachmann and Ted Cruz have nothing on you. How Crude. Im sure you feel justified in those comments, but the work he was attempting to do for all of us goes well beyond your personal views on black men. Regardless of who he chose as a lifemate.

    • Babyboomer on said:

      @Barb, FYI. Dr. Sharon Malone Holder (Mrs. Eric Holder) isn’t white. She is a light skinned black woman. She is the sister of Vivian Malone Jones. Vivian Juanita Malone Jones (July 15, 1942 – October 13, 2005) was one of the first two African American students to enroll at the University of Alabama in 1963 and the university’s first African American graduate. She was made famous when Alabama Governor George Wallace blocked them from enrolling at the all-white university. You should check your facts before attacking.

      • I said it. on said:

        When I saw her I thought she was light complexioned. Some of our people need to realize that black comes in a range of shades and embrace that. He married a beautiful black intelligent woman. As you have stated, if she was another race it wouldn’t change the work he has done.

  10. Timekeeper on said:

    All of the points in this article are true and correct. With all of the recent killing of innocent black men a white coworker ( had the nerve) to ask me what I think. He said he thought the police were doing their jobs, although in a vail attempt to appear objective stated, he did feel something was wrong. YA THINK!!
    When I explained to him exactly how black men feel when they get pulled over he had the gaul to say “we shouldn’t think that way. My response to him was “How Would You Know?!
    3 days have passed and by the look on his face, I think he is still trying to figure out an answer.

    • TimeKepper. your white co-workers mistake was talking to you in the first place. He didn’t reallize that you are a racist. Holder said that we need to have a honest discussion about race in this country. BUt when your white co-worker (had the nerve) and tried to have that honest discussion you shot him down saying “How would you know”. I guess him being white means he in no way can understand how we feel as black men.
      I am black and I have never had a problem with the police. ANd I live in a similar city to furgeson. We out number the whites 2 to 1. and our police force is mostly white. BUt I have never had a issue. But guess what. I don’t break the law. My children don’t break the law.I work for everything I have and I never blame others for my short comings.
      Timekeeper to yourself a favor and go to church. You might learn something on how to treat people with respect.

      • I said it. on said:

        His mistake was not talking to someone that would be gullible and fall for the bullish/’ he was trying to peddle. You aren’t open to hearing the truth, or someone’s perspective, that you’d never understand, so why ask the question?

    • I said it. on said:

      Perkins and his kids don’t have cancer. Therefore, cancer doesn’t exist and there aren’t any factors that should cause it to exist. Faulty reasoning.

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