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Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy has said that a gang member, recently released from prison, shot and killed a young boy because he thought he was playing the role of ‘lookout’.

The Chicago Sun Times reports:

“This didn’t have to happen,” McCarthy told reporters as he announced charges in Antonio Smith’s murder.

The four men charged with first-degree murder are Derrick Allmon, 19, of the 7400 block of South Shore Drive; Jabari Williams, 22, of the 1900 block of North Sycamore Street in Hanover Park; Michael Baker, 19, of the 8100 block of South Wentworth Avenue; and Paris Denard, 19, of the 7300 block of South Dorchester Avenue.

Cook County Judge Donald Panarese Jr. ordered all four men held without bond Saturday.

Antonio was shot and killed Aug. 20 in the backyard of a home in the 1200 block of East 73rd Street.

Family members told the Sun-Times that Antonio stormed out of the family apartment when his mother refused to get him a cupcake.

McCarthy on Friday said the four men were part of a group driving around in two vehicles, in search of rival gang members. They stopped when they saw two intended targets. That’s when Williams gave Allmon a gun, and told him to shoot the men.

When Allmon reached the backyard of a home, he saw Antonio, and believed he was warning the men. So he began firing, hitting the boy several times in the back and side, McCarthy said. He was just between four and 10 feet away from Antonio when the fatal shots were fired.

When Allmon saw Antonio, the boy screamed “Hey!” before being shot six times, in the back, shoulder, side and hand, prosecutors said Saturday.

After Allmon shot Antonio, he got into a getaway vehicle driven by Baker and told him, “I just hit a shorty. I just hit a shorty,” prosecutors said.

Allmon went to Denard’s house where he changed his shirt and rinsed his hands in urine to clean off the gun residue, prosecuors said.

After Allmon’s arrest, he allegedly told police where he tossed the gun, which was recovered on Thursday.

McCarthy said Allmon had just gotten out of jail earlier in August, after serving 18 months for possession of a loaded weapon. Correctional officials said Allmon served 21 months.

Allmon was arrested in 2012, pleaded guilty in March 2013 and was sentenced to 3-1/2 half years in prison. But he was released on parole in August.

“Unfortunately this tragic murder is yet one more example of the strife being caused by gangs and guns in our community. But the real kicker to this entire case is that it didn’t have to happen,” McCarthy said. “He should not have been on the street to commit this murder.”

Williams was arrested Wednesday when police spotted him with a loaded gun. The other men were arrested Thursday.

The .380-caliber handgun used to kill Antonio was found Thursday in a nearby sewer, McCarthy said. He said the gun has been used in two shootings this year, including a murder still under investigation.

“Chicago’s murder problem is a gun problem,” he said, adding that Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City have the same murder rate, excluding shootings, because Chicago has more firearms coming into the city. “Something has to happen. It’s too easy to obtain a firearm.”

McCarthy credited investigators, as well as community members in finding the suspects, some of who were known by the community by their nicknames.

“When this murder first occurred investigators initially had very little to work with but the nature of this murder, that a 9-year-old boy could be gunned down in cold blood outraged both the community and our residents,” McCarthy said. “The community refused to stay silent and provided us with information that culminated in the arrest of these three offenders, all of whom are documented gang members.”

McCarthy added there is no evidence that Antonio or anyone in his family had any gang affiliation.

Antonio’s mother, Brandi Murry, said he had run out of the house because he was upset.

She was on her way home from work that day when he called to ask his mother for a cupcake, and she said no.

Antonio got upset, Murry said at the time. And her 12-year-old son called back to say Antonio had fled the family’s new apartment in the 1100 block of East 73rd Street.

Twenty minutes later, Chicago police found Antonio behind a home in the 1200 block of East 71st Street. He had been shot multiple times, and died later at Comer Children’s Hospital.

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(Photo Source: Chicago Sun Times)

36 thoughts on “Gang Members Held Without Bond In Shooting Death Of 9-Year-Old

  1. seriously on said:

    I do not know what is more tragic in this story or the repetitiveness of these types of stories, played out in inner cities…These situations have a lot of moving parts, including racism, indifference, poverty, single mothers and teen mothers. But, I have always believed as Black people we got a couple more fights left in is…But we must get it right…I find more and more shocking is the lack of conscience in these gang bangers. And I will admit, nothing I detest more than black on black crime. We really got enough hurtles to jump through in America without the drug dealers and gang bangers who like the police departments have our communities under siege. Every notice that the police only shoot unarmed men and women in our communities? Do some of you really believe that if the police department wanted to stop drugs and gang-violence they could? You see gang bangers are weak kneed No grows who is doing massa work by killing us and destroying our communities…..Ever wonder how/why these gang bangers are so heavily armed? But with that said, they still get no free ride from me…Because they are traitors to their own people…A modern day Sambo….And we need a strong mind group of African-Americans to lead in our resurrection of the new tactics of racisms we are facing now. But I am quite aware of whose hands in behind these puppeeters, called gang members. However, one day Black America if it is going to survive and thrive we are going to have to separate the wheat from the chaff…which includes gang-bangers, drug dealers, child molestors and the most elusive one of all….The Sambo, yea the one that only sees the black wrong and will backstab and snitch, just so massa can say yous a good nigga. Sambos are more dangerous to our people than gang bangers, because you usually don’t see them coming.

    • I said it. on said:

      Amen. Especially about the most elusive one. People need leaders they can count on and trustin. Until that happens you have to start where you are and do your part. ItIt’s not as large of a movement, but it helps. You make a lot of sense and I can tell you are passionate about your people. I admire and respect that.

  2. @ I said it…I totally agree. BAW posts articles all the time about crimes committed by people from all walks of life, but just like Jiggy, she’s no where to be found when it’s white on white. But let it be an article about a black person and their “blackdar” alert goes off.

  3. Just wondering why caucasions don’t acknowledge all the horrible crimes they commit? They are quick to comment on crimes by blacks, but dare not say anything about the crimes they commit. Again, killing is an immoral act no matter who does it, but they seem to want a pass on the murders they commit. No comment from the peanut gallery about the guy in Florida, who MURDERED his daughter and six grandkids. In addition, to previously killing his OWN son. (crickets) What about the guy in PA that killed the two white state troopers? What about all those mass shootings at the schools, colleges, and movie theaters? I’m just reading about the shooting in Alabama at a UPS facility. What are the chances he was white? 99%

    • To think that no one talks about these murders is wrong headed. I comment on the murders committed by white people all the time. ON THE SITES THAT FEATURE THEM AS STORIES. If this is the only site you visit, then you wouldn’t know that. But common sense dictates that the posts on this site will pertain to the stories that are read. I don’t remember reading about the lunatic that killed his daughter and all her children on this site. But I did comment on it on the site it was featured on. So simple.

      • The article about the guy killing his family members was posted on 9/19/14, which was last Friday, and you were no were to be found. You seem to be here on a daily basis posting, but somehow you missed this article. How convenient you missed the article, and how convenient you now call him a lunatic when you’re called out on it.

      • Plus, I don’t ever recall reading about anything you’ve ever said about whites killing whites, and this site has posted many articles about whites killing whites. I do recall your comments always being cynical and sarcastic.

      • That’s where you’re wrong. I’m no one’s son. I’m a grown ass woman, and when trolls don’t have an answer, the try to dismiss you. That’s not happening. Not here, not now, not ever. The next time you post, come correct and you won’t have me on your ass.

      • Sorry about that ma’am. But your conversation has sunk to the point of name calling and insults. If I were face to face with you, I’d simply walk away. If the tone of my posts sounds dismissive, it’s because I no longer find your posts interesting, intelligent or engaging. Therefore, this is my way of walking away.

      • Oh, now your feelings are hurt. But not when you’re hurling negative comments when it’s anything black related. Do what you do best. That’s exactly what some of want you to do…go away.

  4. Mr. Wright on said:

    Sad thing is they will get jail time. And while they are in jail they well harm others. Then when they get out they will continue to harm others. Their will be no true justice in this case.

    • I said it. on said:

      This isn’t a civil rights issue. This is a gang issue. He goes when he’s called by families. People always say what he’s not doing, or where he’s not going. What prevents you, or them from going? It’s easier to shake your finger and say what someone else isn’t doing.

    • I said it. on said:

      Stfu. Outrage is due in this case and outrage is due when we are shot down by others. It’s not an either or situation. Wrong is wrong and we can recognize it when we see it. Just like we can recognize racist. Kick rocks.

    • They’ve been arrested. It’s only when justice is not served, that people (white, black, yellow or red) protest the injustice in this country.

      • It is true that this time, they are waiting to see if justice will be served before they help themselves to new rims, televisions and other household incidentals that they otherwise would have to pay for. So yeah. That’s progress.

      • I said it. on said:

        Who are the they that you refer to? It seems as if you are talking about every black person Ferguson, or every black person who protested in Ferguson.

    • @ I said it…we know who she’s referring too, but she’s in denial or too stupid to realize that looters come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, and who will stop at nothing to use a tragic moment to get ill-gotten gains. Progress has been made, she’s stuck in time and won’t allow her brain to come to the 21th century.

  5. Mrknowitall on said:

    I will be waiting for Al Charlatan, jessy baby daddy jackson and the rest of the buffoon racists to riot because an unarmed black boy way killed in cold blood.
    Another black on black cold blooded murder and silence.
    Keep moving nothing unusual here, yawn.

    • There was no silence. The community stepped in and these three were arrested. At least they are in jail, and will probably never get out. Unlike what’s happening elsewhere. Police, police and more police shooting or choaking unarmed men or wannabe cops are still walking the streets in the name of so-called justice. It’s all in the way you twist it.

  6. Another senseless slaughter of our children!

    All three of these POS deserve whatever punishment they receive in jail awaiting their trial.

    They deserve the DEATH PENALTY for the senseless killing of this innocent little boy!

    The needle is too good for these cretins. Line them up and shoot them down just like the no good dogs they are!!!!!!!—

    This country needs to bring back firing squads and SPARKY the electric chair. Lethal injections are way too easy a means of punishment!!!!!

    • Unfortunately Illinois no longer considers the slaughter of innocent nine yo’s
      worthy of sending the perp to the hereafter (you can thank Pat Quinn for that) had this been my state the DA would be prepping the needles right now

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