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If Loving You Is Wrong, the latest Tyler Perry show on OWN,  definitely started with a bang. A sex scene in a shed opened the show, which may have been why it set a record for viewership on the network. One of its stars, April Parker Jones, is best known for her work on Jericho, the CBS drama, but that’s probably not for long.

“I think we got everyone’s attention,” Jones says. “That’s always fun for viewers to see. It did break some records. It was the largest in OWN history for a premiere, which is very exciting for all of us.”

Jones, a North Carolina native who also appeared on the ABC Family show The Fosters, plays Natalie, a single mother with four kids and of course, issues.

“I play a single mom kind of the outskirts of the neighborhood. She has our kids, one that is in jail and she has to make the decision on whether or not to let him come home. She’s got four kids by three different men. Natalie’s character is so relatable to so many women, even myself. I have two kids, two fathers.”

Not only did the show open with a sex scene, there were even shots fired. Literal shots, so episode #2 should be compelling. Natalie does have a live-in boyfriend, who is the father of one of her kids. Jones says viewers can look forward to what else? More drama.

“There were shot fired in this episode. Some pregnancy in this episode. There are going to be alot of decisions made this episode,” she says.

Tune in to If Loving You Is Wrong on OWN tonight at 9 p.m.

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