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“My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my…”! Sherri Shepherd is allegedly already dating and in love with another man. Listen to Gary’s Tea in the audio player to hear who it is, and why we almost don’t believe it!

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22 thoughts on “Why We Can’t Believe Sherri Shepherd Is Dating This Man

  1. When Sherri Shepherd was married to her ex-Lamar Sally. She was always drooling over men on The View. Johnny Gill should ask Shepherds ex- Sal why he filed for divorce first. Johnny should just run and don’t look back because, Shepherd is looking for someone with money and fame.

  2. Ms Tee Tee Walton on said:

    Sherri were happy for you!! Disregard all of the haters…Let them go be with your EX while you have a great time with Johnny!!!!

  3. f.r. vazquez on said:

    She was the light of the view. I love her contagious energy and positive attitude toward life and her perseverance in the face of challenges. Go girl!! you will find a good man worthy of you. Congratulations!!

  4. I’ve had enough of this woman…she needs to get herself in order. She’s like a child that wants a new toy… how much longer is the View going to keep her. Babs needs to get rid of her and bring in some new blood…

    • Karen, Babs is long gone from the View and so is Sherri. I don”t understand why everyone is so hateful. Maybe you guys should channel all that anger towards her soon to be ex! Why should she not move forward. Get a life!

    • Apparently you haven’t watched the show in some time. BaWa retired months ago, and everyone but Whoopi got $#itcanned, including Bill Geddie, the Producer. The season starts again on Sep 15 with a new and hopefully more informed cast.

  5. Kekona Lenon on said:

    Johnny Gill is one of the best R&B singers out there and he is fine. He used to be with the group New Edition back in the day. He is still singing and performing and I believe he has a new album out. Sherri hit the jackpot if she is dating him. If you don’t believe me look him up.

  6. J. Wells on said:

    I am sure she will carry on just how PERFECT this one is too.. Glad she was fired from the VIEW so we dont have to hear all about her love life !!!!

  7. What ugly comments about Sherri. I don’t know what happened to the marriage, but I questioned it even before it happened. Somehow, he just didn’t look like a man in love. As far as Sherri being in heat…good for her! Enjoy every minute of it. We have a double standard in this country. If he cheated on Sherri, then, would we be making such comments about him…No, someone would find some Sherri
    did or didn’t do. Besides, there are two sides to every story and there is the truth somewhere in there.

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