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The surveillance video of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice assaulting his wife inside an elevator earlier this year has ignited anger from someone who can relate to the footage.

On Monday morning, Evelyn Lozada left little doubt regarding how she felt about the video as she took to Twitter to express herself.

“That video has me pissed the f*ck off!!!!!!” Lozada tweeted. “Love and manipulation will have you make stupid decisions. Praying for her … On everything I love, I’m not trying to make anyone look bad. I just want women to love themselves enough to leave.”

Rice’s video echoes Lozada’s experience at the hands of her ex-husband Chad Johnson. The former Miami Dolphins player, physically put his hands on Lozada – actually he headbutted her (see photos below) – just weeks into their marriage, according to reports, which noted that Johnson was ultimately cut from the team following the incident. The end of Lozada’s marriage to Johnson also came about from the assault.

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21 thoughts on “Evelyn Lozada Tweets Anger Over Ray Rice Video

  1. Dee Miller on said:

    Shut the phuk up trick!!! You ruined basketball and football players lives. Nothing worst than a woman who is a con artist. Women always holler about being in abusive relationships and can’t leave. The majority of them just can’t leave the money!! Men should not hit women, and women should stay in their lane…

  2. I like Evelyn. Anyone that hangs with her, knows what she is about. There is a saying, “Not my circus, not my monkeys”…and that is how I feel about the Rice situation. The young woman will see in due time the reality of her relationship.

  3. Since the beginning of Basketball wives viewers have seen her be verbally and physically abusive to women, master manipulator to men and alledgedly chad johnson said evelyn head butted him in madness and because he really loved her enough, he knew no one would believe a black man just saying she head butted me. Evelyn, you’re not the best spokesperson for this, sorry ma. People change but only time will tell.

    • Evelyn, you need to have several seats…if you had the chance to put your golddigging butt anywhere close to Ray Rice you would be doing whatever you could to get pregnant by him or breakup is marriage…You are NO ONE’s ROLE MODEL

      • Who really cares what she thinks. We know she has no respect for other women the way she does nothing but fight. She would get with Rice right now had she not already hooked another with money.

  4. Petra Iris on said:

    She is the last person to talk. What a skank, the only language she knows is profanity. The same woman who smashed a bottle to crack over another woman’s head. Shut up fool!

  5. “Wives don’t provoke your husband to anger. Husbands love your wife as you would love yourself”. Why? Because your husband is bigger stronger, faster than you. This is good advice whether you read it in he bible or playboy magazine.

  6. Veronica on said:

    Evelyn definitely has experience with domestic violence & violence from both perspectives. She’s been the perpetrator of violence on women, & she’s been battered by men who she claimed to love.

  7. Thatgirlrightthere on said:

    Evelyn….sit down. Janay…stay off of social media right now. You can not predict the future of your relationship. Now I get that Janay is trying to show her man that she supports him by lashing out on Twitter, but this thing may open up a can of worms on her already damaged relationship. They may not survive the backslash. She will be the one who has to go back and eat her words a few months from now on a OWN episode on “Where are they now?”

    And another thing…how do you get on Twitter and say “we are going to show the world what real love is” and you getting your butt kicked on the elevator. Honey…THAT AIN’T LOVE!

  8. BuffaloSoldier on said:

    Please help me understand ! All these hateful comments by Brothers against our sisters who are tired of getting beaten up by powerful world class athletes with super human power.

    • BuffaloSoldier on said:

      Tony you should be banned from this site based on your disrespect for other humans, and your crude vulgar comments. Are you able to communicate in a civilized fashion?????

  9. seriously on said:

    You are not one to really speak on this though, because you attacked him and he head butted you, just as Janay started with Ray Rice…Now, both of these men should have handle these situations better, including picking partners who are not combative and aggressive. But I detest rewarding women like you and your bad behavior, when you do bare some of the blame. You’re proof that some women will walk through shyt for a payday. You were a complete fool on basketball wives, so you really do not have the character to indicts someone else’s character…just saying. You being angry? so what, isn’t that how you make your living?

    • BuffaloSoldier on said:

      You are out of order In light of the seriousness of abuse against women by cowardly men . Use you brain ! a world class athlete who has trained their bodies to take inhumane punishment by other world class athletes fighting little petite females ???? Even if one of those little women attack what damage can she inflict on these super humans???? I was a fighter and a wrestler for many yrs and I have never ever ever considered beating up a woman ….. on 4 occasion I was attacked I just held and restrained the ladies in question until they cooled off …… Shame on You Brother for even articulating .

      • seriously on said:

        You should try a pill yourself…Women do not have the right to spit on anyone or slap them, that also is unacceptable behavior….And let’s be real, if this was a strange men on the street she attacked it would be self defense and stand your ground dead in Florida. I never condoned Ray Rice behavior, but I certainly not condoning her neither. Now if you and Ray Rice want to date women that you have beat or restrain 4 times to be in a relationship with them…Then you both are fools and I simply do not suffer fools. You should have enough respect for yourself, not to accept abusive verbally or physically…Those are toxic relationships and usually ends badly…For which I have no sympathy for you, because you have a choice…BTW, I am not male, just like you are no Buffalo Soldier….just saying

    • BuffaloSoldier on said:

      I can’t believe that Brothers who rightfully were outraged, marched, and shamelessly burned down businesses in Ferguson are now supporting the beating of Black Women… Their mothers, sisters , lovers…. What is wrong with you Brother ????? Give your head a shake my man …. World Class Pro athletes who have trained their bodies to hurt other fellow pro athletes fighting little women are you out of your mind ????? Take a valium pal.

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