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Roland Martin talks to Clinical Nutritionist Robert Ferguson of about childhood obesity and First Lady Michelle Obama’s decision to replace school lunches with healthier options.

“Nobody wants to give up or change the way their eating. It’s not the pizza that’s the problem, it’s the amount of pizza you’re eating. Instead of going to the school system, the real solution is going to the parents. Science tells us that if both parents are overweight or obese, the kid is 80% more likely to be overweight,” he says.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview!

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22 thoughts on “Roland Martin Talks Childhood Obesity, FLOTUS’ Decision To Replace School Lunches With Healthier Options

  1. Timekeeper on said:

    Dear galafit123.

    My guard isn’t up, I am way beyond that stage. Nor am I a blind follower of anyone. The POTUS, FLOTUS, or anyone seems you and a few of your cohorts have that twisted as well. . You mention the word EGO and yet you say there is so much WE just aren’t getting. That statement is the very essence of being EGOtistical. I didn’t miss anything, I read Mr. Ferguson loud and clear. I don’t care how many radio shows he has, or even if he had his show on OWN. I just wasn’t feeling the dude, I know it’s hard for you to get that, but please accept that fact.
    I have read and observed every single post here, and I am convinced even more so about my take on Mr. Ferguson. If this disappoints you ( and anyone else for that matter so be it. It isn’t about his expertise for me. It is the way he came across, and he turned me off, completely.
    As we say sometimes, “ I Simply wasn’t feeling the brother” In my experience in life it isn’t about how many trophies or plaques on the wall. OR, how big your fan club is. It’s the vibe I get from you when you speak and goes a lot deeper.

    • galafit123 on said:

      @Timekeeper, I hear you and I respect your vibe. I was feeling the brother and I am happy he is doing what he is doing. Anyone who is fighting for truth and helping the people is someone I can follow and appreciate. Maybe the next time he is on, he will speak in a way where you can feel the brother. As they say, “To each his own.”

  2. Ship Ahoy on said:

    It seems like you all got a bit defensive when Robert mentioned the First Lady. All I think he was saying that there’s more pieces to the puzzle to add and his piece regards the foundational things.

    • galafit123 on said:

      I agree with you @ShipAhoy. There was truly some defensive positioning taking place by the interviewers and some of the listeners.

  3. galafit123 on said:

    This is not about insulting others. This is about the truth. Listen to the replay and then familiarize yourself with Robert and his work. He has many online radio shows you can listen to. His community site is If I came across insulting to you, I apologize. I just see how much @Timekeeper and @Joy2 are missing. Total EGO at work and because Robert isn’t blindly supporting every word of the First Lady, you two put your guard up.

  4. Timekeeper on said:

    No, I am not surprised galafit123. He can be on any boards or teams he wants. He just did not come across well to me and was tooting his own horn. the one thing he mentioned I liked was about the parents needing to be more involved. I totally agree with that. It’s just a shame that parents don’t realize this already. I appreciate your comments, no disrespect at all. I just didn’t like his presentation at all. And after reading all of these posts both pro and con I am even more convinced of that.
    Thank You

    • galafit123 on said:

      @Timekeeper you must have been listening to a different show. Made total sense to me and many others that listened to the segment. Wouldn’t you want to learn more about how to eat food that is being subsidized or given to you in a way that is healthier? Robert made total sense to me and he delivered it without judgement and with compassion. It’s sad that some people like yourself focus on the negative instead of the positive possibilities.

  5. galafit123 on said:

    @Timekeeper, Robert Ferguson did not minimize Michelle Obama’s work. He acknowledged it. He did focus on what I agree is the real solution – the parents. I just looked at Robert’s bio online and to your surprise he serves on the Presidential Task Force on Obesity for the National Medical Association and he is a lead nutrition consultant to Let’s Move Nation. This in and of itself, says he does not minimize Michelle Obama.

  6. In my opinion this was a horrible interview. The person that was interviewed didn’t have any CLEAR ANSWERS. He came across as egotistical, and it being all about him, and what he supposedly has to offer….and not about kids. And for him to be a so-called nutritionist (or whatever he said he was)…..I didn’t hear him mention one time vegetables (especially green vegetables) nor fruits. I wouldn’t go to him for any advice. In the end we all know that kids need to eat LESS JUNK FOOD, EAT MORE FRUITS, AND VEGGIES, AND GET UP OFF THE TV COUCH AND EXERCISE!!! And he didn’t emphasize these important things at all.

    • The person being interviewed is Robert Ferguson and far from egotistical. He spoke the truth and you didn’t want to hear it. If the interviewers had allowed him to talk and not constantly interrupt him, maybe you would have learned how you can eat practically anything and control your weight. Robert Ferguson has helped thousands of people, families, kids and parents lose weight and improve their health.

      • galafit123 on said:

        One more thing, Robert promotes close to nature eating, which he mentioned in the show. It you don’t know what that is, it is whole foods like fruits, vegetables and grains. I am glad I listened to this show, and I am happy I found this site so I can share information for those seeking the truth.

      • @gala: Excuse me!!! But you don’t know what I want to hear, or not hear. Every one hears things differently, and it’s neither here nor there but he came across as egotistical to me. For the record I’m a very healthy person…..exercise all the time, and for the most part eat lots of fruits, veggies, and stay away from soft drinks (not that I don’t enjoy junk food every once in a while). I am glad to hear that he’s helped lots of people lose weight because obesity is out of control in this country. For me he didn’t do a good job of articulating his opinion.

      • galafit123 on said:

        @Joy2 you are definitely drinking some hateraid. Get off your soapbox and recognize what Andrea is saying. I am familiar with Robert Ferguson’s work and I know how many people he has helped. I know that he is doing work in the state of Missouri, and helping thousands in the underserved communities. I know what he has done with regard to meeting people where they are. Just because you are fit and you are healthy means little to nothing when it comes to helping people. YOU are part of the problem in my opinion. People like you who can’t understand what the real problem is. Instead of creating negative talk, put more focus on the reality that a big part of the solution is empowering the parents who can then influence their children.

    • Timekeeper on said:

      A agree with you Joy2. Don’t be concerned with others insults, you have a right to your opinion even if others do not agree. The Republican party has ridiculed Michelle Obama for her efforts to help kids obesity and it seems he is trying to score a few brownie points with that same tea party mentality. . If others think he was cool, that’s great. I Don’t.

  7. Andrea C. on said:

    I was a little bothered by how this interview was conducted. I feel that because the hosts didn’t hear what they wanted to hear, they didn’t think they got an answer, when in fact they did. They were almost combative. If the answer was easy, we wouldn’t have this problem. They were looking for the “what” and not the “who.” Bottom line is that if you educate the parents you change the child’s life. What good is changing the school menu without the education to support it? Kids will just continue to do what they are doing now, which is throw it out. We do what is important to us. If having our kids be healthy is important, we will not only educate ourselves, but we will put it into action, which occasionally might mean a “sacrifice” such as making your kid a lunch on a day when you don’t feel the school lunch meets their health goals (if you consider that a sacrifice). It may also mean educating your child that they can in fact have pizza and what a healthy portion is and what they might want to eat with it to have it fuel their body instead of hurt their body. Education is key! You should have Robert Ferguson back so he can continue to elaborate on this topic.

    • @Andrea: Why does Ferguson need to come back when he didn’t do a good job the first time emphasizing the importance of good nutritious lunches, meals in general, nor exercise. For example I don’t recall him mentioning fruits, veggies nor exercise.

  8. That was a good show. Robert of made a lot of sense. I did not think he spoke negatively about the first lady. He was candid and clear. I agree with Robert that the solution to healthier kids lies with the parents. GREAT SHOW

  9. You are out of your mind. Robert Ferguson was on point. Tom was interrupting him. Better health begins with the parents. Ferguson is a pro and I wish he’d talk longer

    • Timekeeper on said:

      Your disagreement with me is no need for an insult. I could say that you are out of your mind but that would be too easy. I do agree with the parenting point you mention. My problem with Fergusons comments in trying to minimize Michelle Obama’s efforts.
      . Also, I don’t think Tom was cutting him off, he simply wanted him to get to the point. If you like Mr. Ferguson and think he was on point, that’s great. I simply do not. He should have started with the parenting point and not gotten off message with everything else..

  10. Timekeeper on said:

    I listened to Robert Ferguson this morning, and he made absolutely no sense to me. He stuttered and stammered thru his entire point of view, and when pressed by Tom Joyner, became obviously flustered and defensive. What the First Lady is doing is admirable, and very much needed. These kids are FAT and getting FATTER. Recess has been replaced by computers and the only parts of their bodies being exercised is their fingers.
    No, GYM, No Exercise, just come home and jump on the iPhone, Xbox or TV set. Oh, and grab some French fries and twinkies while there at it. To have the nerve to get mad and angry at Michelle for seeing and addressing the problem is ludicrous. Black America doesn’t need anyone to put them down because we are all too willing to do this to ourselves. I don’t know who Mr. Ferguson is, but he is neither an expert on nutrition, or on the behavior of children’s eating habits. If he thinks for one second that he came off as knowledgeable, he can keep on pretending.

  11. T. Jones on said:

    I understand the parents can and do have time to pack a lunch if they don’t like what is served. I don’t believe that is an option for far too many. The majority of parents in public schools rely on the free lunch program. It provides a financial and for some, a meal option these families seriously need and rely on. It isn’t that parents aren’t involved, are too tired, or don’t care what their kids are eating. They are accepting what is offered because it benefits the home. For them, the priority on better foods needs to lay on the government that is providing this free service. A hungry mouth will take what is offered rather than continue to starve.

    • Andrea C. on said:

      I completely agree and that is why education is so important. It’s not the food they are eating, but how they eat it and combine it with other food. I don’t think we will ever get where we want to go, if we tell them to stop eating the only things available to them. Is providing healthier options a bad thing, no. Not at all. I think it is just one part of the solution. What happens when they are not in school?

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