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Beyonce just dropped a new video but it’s not the “Flawless” remix from Nicki Minaj – though that’s on the way. Nope, this is a look at what it took to put together the 15-minute MTV Video Music Awards performance last week.

Beyonce was the recipient of the 2014 Video Vanguard award, which honored her years of musical domination.

The clip shows Beyonce, Jay and lil’ B backstage as well as all the prep it took to make the performance come off. Bey, who celebrated her 33rd birthday Thursday, was working to pull staging and dancers together almost up until the beginning of the show.

It’s a great insight into the numerous issues and challenges that crop up in the midst of any big production.

Check it out above.

Does this finally stop all those Jay and Bey divorce rumours? ‘Cause they look pretty together to us.

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3 thoughts on “Beyonce Drops VMA Behind the Scenes Video

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  2. Beyoncé is a perfectionist! You go girl! You two shine above and have more Blue Ivy’s no reason to break-up! Don’t let the media or money get between you two! Stay grounded!

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