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Tamar Braxton is known for her flamboyant personality, soaring vocals and diva hair-do’s, but underneath those wigs and weaves the “Love & War” singer was struggling with a balding hairline. During the premiere episode of  “Braxton Family Values” last week, the Internet erupted with memes that poked fun at Tamar’s edges, but it was her former enemy, K. Michelle, who really put the nail in the coffin.

“Looking out to heavens thanking God for everything. This fame stuff is cool sometimes, but the TRUE blessing is that I have all of my edges,” K. Michelle wrote on Instagram, “Oh, and I don’t have to steal my cable anymore. Laugh it’s good for u,” she added. Since she didn’t mention names, we can’t confirm that she was talking about Tamar, but given their history and the timeliness of “BVF,” we think it’s safe to say K. Michelle had a little fun at Tamar’s expense.


Tamar responded to the Internet on Instagram, saying:

When u HAVE your baby …(my son) your hair falls out!! Thanks to @simplicityhairoil for my hairline coming back! But if it didn’t work I would BUY me some. Glad you all get to see the changes while #bfv & #T&V on T.V.



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(Photos: Rance Elgin and Instagram)

13 thoughts on “K. Michelle Disses Tamar Braxton Over Her Edges, Tamar Responds

  1. well gurl too many lace fronts, braids, and weaves, call it what it is as females trying to keep up with each other thats whats going on nothing here to see no pun intended. gurl go buy you some edges $$$$$ money well spent! lol

  2. Your hair also will come out around the edges from prescription medicines. My beautician has started working with me and now it is growing back.

  3. msyellarose on said:

    Why is all of thiss silliness even going on? Sudden decreases in hormones after chilbirth will cause some hair loss. When will women just quit barking at each other?

  4. Most babies grow their mothers hair and nail because of the placenta and all of the nutrients it carries. MY sister hair grew faster when she was pregnant and my friend finally had long nails during her pregnancy. I guess everyone is different.

  5. My hair grew but wearing weaves, perms and putting heat in natural hair will thin anyone’s edges over time. Tamar looks great I would not have responded either. Actually they all have similar features!

    • micheal on said:

      If your hair falls out after pregnancy, that’s the hair that grew during pregnancy! You do NOT lose edge hair after pregnancy If your hair grew while pregnant, that hair will fall out because that’s not your naturally born hair! I have long hair, when I was pregnant my hair got thicker and longer, but the minute I delivered, that hair started shedding. It’s ok ladies! Let’s still love one another!


      • Sharon Jones on said:

        K, should STOP. She is too old for that BS. I wouldn’t have responded either. Everyone, loses hair at some point in life. Keep living K, you will see.

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